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Meet the Lamb & Co. team agents. We can’t wait to meet you!


Lamb & Co. Design

Say hello to the people who make magic happen!

Nicole Butcher

Director of Design

Connecting you with your design dream team.

Hannah Watson

Design Center Manager

Assisting in making your home uniquely yours.

Kyhlie Teeslink


Favorite Design Style: Spanish Modern

Savannah Fox


Favorite Design Style: Vintage-Inspired, she loved to be challenged

Ashley Smith


Favorite Design Style: Mid-century, Contemporary & Traditional (in that order)

Katy Knapp


Favorite Design Style: Modern Vintage, she loves eclectic interiors

Sarah Loveridge


Favorite Design Style: Organic modern/eclectic

Reanna Channer


Making your home uniquely yours.

Kara Williams


Favorite Design Style: Eclectic (a little bit of everything)

Brynn Bogen


Favorite Design Style: Organic Modern

Brittney Button


Favorite Design Style: Traditional with a *splash* of Farmhouse

Ally Jackson


Favorite Design Style: Scandinavian

Lamb & Co. Renovation

Say hello to the people who make magic happen!

Justin Lamb

Managing Director of Renovation

Guiding the process of turning your house into your home.

Owen Mather

Director of Construction

Keeping the teams moving and the projects on track.

Kelsey Konkle

Renovation Admin

Keeping track all the little details so you don’t have to.

Josiah Juarez

Renovation Project Lead

Bringing your renovation project to life.

Chad Jasper

Renovation Project Lead

Bringing your renovation project to life.

Bryce Skowron

Renovation Project Crewmember

What does one brother plus a twin brother equal?

Colby Skowron

Renovation Project Crewmember

Two twin brothers!

Esau Mather

Pawject Manager

The goodest boy!
Our Heroes


Say hello to the people who make magic happen!

Colette Green


Making sure all the details are in place.

Brandon McGahuey

Coordinator Extraordinaire

Handling all transactions with ease.

Sarah Eagle

Storefront Manager

Helping you bring the Lamb & Co. look to your home

Lori Penhollow

Crisis Manager

Doing a little bit of everything for everyone.

Shyla Birr

Director of Marketing

Creating brand awareness through storytelling.

Elyce Birr

Marketing Manager

Telling your home’s story through masterful marketing.

Tina Church

Home Staging Lead

Making home buyers swoon in style.

Kacie Hardegree

Home Stager

Creating beautiful spaces with ease.