Unsellable Houses

What is Unsellable Houses?

Unsellable Houses hosts Lyndsay and Leslie take charge on set

Unsellable Houses is our fun real estate and home design show where we help frustrated homeowners sell their seemingly unsellable homes.

What is an unsellable home? It’s one that’s been on the market longer than average without seeing any bites.

That’s a problem.

And we fix it.

We invest our own money into that unsellable house and make it attractive to buyers. That means addressing kitchens, bathrooms, color choices, home décor, and more. It’s everything you want to see in a home makeover.

Once it’s sold, we split the additional profits (minus our investment) with the homeowners. It’s a twin-win!

It’s sister-fun meets style meets business. And that’s our jam!

Jump in our vintage VW and enjoy the ride!

Meet the Unsellable Houses hosts!

Unsellable Houses hosts Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis

We’re Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis—dynamic twins, real estate mavens, and your Unsellable Houses hosts!

We call Snohomish, Washington, home. Yes, it rains a lot, but we love it here. And we especially love the people here. A lot.

We love the adventure of helping our friends and neighbors find the perfect place to call home or helping them sell and move on to their next adventure. These are big life moments, and we’re honored to bring our experience, negotiation skills, and mean dance parties to the table.

Our journey to becoming HGTV’s Unsellable Houses hosts has been crazy, but we love every minute of it. And best of all, we’re excited you’ve joined us!

Behind the design

Twin sisters Lyndsay and Leslie show off the beginnings of an Unsellable Houses design

Our biggest secret to making an unsellable house sellable is simple. Great design.

We help frustrated sellers and skeptical buyers see potential in unexpected places. That means rolling up our sleeves and making smart, fun design choices that show off the character of a home.

The Unsellable Houses designs you see are all from Lyndsay. She works with a few of our favorite local teams to get functionality, finishes, and furniture just right.

Head over to the blog to get home design and style tips from Lyndsay!