Lamb & Co. Showroom!

EEEKKKK! It’s finally here! The design showroom is OPEN, and we couldn’t be more excited! For years, our design clients have been asking us for a space where they can view the products we most recommend. We took it one step further and created this space for our clients and the community to come and enjoy! Everything we offer in the showroom has been hand selected by myself and the Lamb & Co design team. 

Here are a few of the vendors that we can’t wait to share with you: 


Sherwin Williams- 

You all know that paint color has the option to make or break a home. It can make a space feel inviting, creative, modern, out of style, cold, and dull. Well, we made choosing the perfect paint a breeze at the design center! Not only do we have a list of our “Lamb & Co. approved colors,” but we also have the colors painted as swatches on our wall, so you don’t have to depend on what you see on a piece of paper but have a heartier feel of the tones and textures. 


Arizona Tile- 

Well, if you have been watching Unsellable Houses for long, you know that we LOVE tile, and our favorite place to get it has to be Arizona Tile, but unfortunately, it has not be available in Washington, wholesale to the public. We changed that! We are now one of the network of retailers lucky enough to carry these beautiful tiles and sell them to you for any size project! They are the tiles we used for Rock the Block and all our homes in filming our “new project!


Closet Creations- 

Speaking of Rock the Block and Unsellable Houses, we are constantly asked where we get our beautiful custom closet built-ins. The answer is Closet Creations. We love that the company is local, the quality is top-notch, and there are such wide varieties of closets and pantries colors and designs! You don’t have to worry about whether your closet is too big or too small. Closet creations will meet with you to determine your exact needs and how they can get you the closets of your dreams! 


These aren’t even close to all our incredible vendors in our design showroom! We also have custom wallpaper, luxury flooring, boutique rugs, and custom kitchen cabinets for different price ranges! We are so excited to share this all with you! 


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Xo Lynds