Ericka Hardwick

Managing Broker / Agent

Hello! My name is Ericka Hardwick and I’d love to tell you a bit of my story.  At the beginning of my career I was a corporate trainer. I traveled all across the U.S. helping clerks and CEO’s learn more about the gig they loved. However, I quickly came to realize I didn’t love my gig, but the one thing I did love about it was working with people. I loved getting to know them, watching them achieve the goals they thought were impossible, and developing those deep relationships that still live strong today. I quickly fell in love with real estate for that reason. It gave me all the things I loved about corporate training and more! I now get to help my clients achieve goals they never thought were possible every day, whether it be growing wealth through investments or helping them purchase or sell a home. All of it is magic!

Since this story began in my corporate training days, it only seems appropriate to end with an icebreaker called “Strange, but true” with a real estate twist, of course.

(This is the one where you share something about yourself that most people would never believe to be true.)

So, what is the strangest place you’ve ever lived?

Mine? A tee-pee. (It’s true.)

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