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FAQs about design

We love that you’re interested in Lamb & Co. Design! Here are a few questions we hear a lot…

How do I know which service is right for me?

This is our favorite question! Whether you’re located in Snohomish or King County (hi, neighbor!) or anywhere in the United States, Lamb & Co. Design offers multiple service options to help make your home uniquely yours.

Take our quick Design Quiz, and we will suggest the service that will best fit your style, budget & timeframe!

Can Lamb & Co. work within my budget?

Great question! (And definetly one of Leslie’s favorite questions…)

Our designers will always meet you where you’re at; every Lamb & Co. Design experience can be tailored specifically to you and your budget. This will be discussed at the very beginning of your project so that your designer can work within your budget throughout the entire process!

You can take our Design Style & Services Quiz to see which service we suggest for your project & budget.

How quick is the design process?

We’re so glad you asked! Each project differs based on the scope of work…

For Virtual Design, our designers are ready to get started on your project immediately. It typically takes 2 weeks from your first meeting to receive your initial design and one additional week after your revision call to receive your final design.

For In-Person Design services, our design team is currently working through our waitlist. Once your project begins, the timeframe varies based on the service type and the size of the project. Timing will be discussed during your initial meeting with your designer.

Can I use my existing furniture in my design?

Of course! If you have already gotten a head start on creating your dream space, our designers will definitely incorporate any existing elements that you love in your home into your design.

How does Virtual Design work?

Great question! Virtual Design is an easy and affordable way to work with an expert designer to reimagine your space. All you have to do is…

  1. Take our Design Style Quiz so we can get to know you & we will connect you with the perfect designer for your project.
  2. See your space come to life through 3D renderings & mood boards.
  3. Start shopping! Once your design is complete, you will have a curated list of furnishings and materials to make your dream space a reality.

Do I have to shop for my items right away?

Nope! Your Virtual Designer provides you with shoppable links that never expire, so you can shop whenever works best for you and your budget. However, sometimes products may become unavailable, so we recommend purchasing from your list sooner rather than later. Your designer works hard to ensure that the items they recommend are available right away but, they will not be available to find replacement items if something becomes unavailable after 30 days from project completion. 

How can you design my space without coming to my home?

Our Virtual Designers have experience designing in all types of homes & spaces. We gather comprehensive measurements and photos of your space from you through online tools & video calls before your designer begins your project so that they know exactly what your space is like.

Why can’t I hire you for virtual renovation design?

While we would love to assist you with renovation design beyond King & Snohomish Counties, there are many variables that make this challenging, including but not limited to; engineering, permitting & availability of materials in your area.

What will I get if I hire you for virtual design of my Kitchen or Bathroom?

With virtual design for a kitchen or bathroom, your designer will recommend furnishing and decorative items to pull your space together beautifully. They may also recommend items like wall coverings, paint colors and material suggestions that could help update your space with the help of a local contractor that you would need to hire independently. 

What will I NOT get if I hire you for virtual design of my Kitchen or Bathroom?

We will not be able to help with things like changing the layout, shape, or size of the room or, in some cases, sourcing the exact materials (tile, flooring, doors, etc.) to use in your space. We also will not provide things like structural, electrical, or plumbing plans. For materials, we will only provide suggestions from the material partners we work with on Unsellable Houses because we know and trust the quality they provide. 

How do I purchase the materials my designer suggested for my virtual kitchen or bathroom?

If you live in an area where our Unsellable Houses partners deliver to, your designer will work with you on the steps required to coordinate those purchases. If you live outside of an area where our partners service, we suggest working with your contractor to source similar materials to the ones suggested by your designer. Your local contractor should be an expert on the suppliers and materials in your area. 

Do you do exteriors of homes?

Thanks for asking! Yes, we do! Contact us and tell us more about what you are looking for!

Can I pick out materials with a designer in person?

Great question! If you are local to the greater Snohomish & King County area, come visit the Lamb & Co. Design Center in Snohomish to see all of our favorite materials and vendor products. From tile to wallpaper and even custom closets, we can help you choose the perfect products for your home. If you’re working with us on an in-person project, you’ll have the opportunity to explore materials 1:1 with your designer at the design center. 

How do I find the materials you used on Unsellable Houses?

We love this question! Head over to our Unsellable Houses Blog to find all the materials and staging we use in each episode.

Can Lyndsay do my design?

Thanks for asking! Lyndsay is currently booked through 2024, but she still oversees all of Lamb & Co. Design. She has hand-picked each and every one of our talented designers, so you will be in good hands!

How can I get my renovation project on Unsellable Houses?

Our friends at High Noon Entertainment help us manage everything that goes into the Unsellable Houses show. Check out the current casting page to see if opportunities are available!

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