Life on TV

Working with HGTV

Filming the show is super fun! Here’s what that looks like!

How We Became HGTV Show Hosts

Hosting an HGTV series wasn’t on our radar, but we’re so happy to be here! Here’s how it happened…

High Noon Entertainment is an awesome, Emmy-nominated production company that focuses on character-driven shows. They approached us with an idea. (Apparently word got out that we had a lot of “character”!) What if they built an HGTV show around our work as real estate agents?

We said, “Absolutely!” and so began the craziest adventure. From there, life is basically what you see on the show!

Life on Set

We’re so grateful for the High Noon crew and the chance to dive into what it takes to make an HGTV series.

Hosting an HGTV design show has been such an amazing experience. We’re all about people, and we’ve loved getting to make friends with the amazing crew that makes Unsellable Houses possible.

Every day is an adventure, and we’re excited to see what comes next!

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