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The best of the best


Meet the Lamb & Co. team agents. We can’t wait to meet you!

Our heroes

Behind the Scenes

Say hello to the people who make magic happen!

Colette Green

Office Manager

Masterminding behind the scenes.

Tina Church

Home Stylist

Making home buyers swoon in style.

Hannah Otis

Director of Marketing and Storytelling

Creating social media campaigns and marketing strategies. Brand ambassador.

Brandon McGahuey

Coordinator Extraordinaire

Handling all transactions with ease.

Savannah Hasselbom

Home Stylists Mini

Staging and Design business assistant

Abbie Seitz


She’s got the power

Erica Ledoux

Home Stylist

Creating beautiful spaces with ease.

Kat Mach

Home Stylist

Helping the homes to tell a story

Becca Edwins

Marketing Enthusiast

Making the Real Estate Listings of your Dreams

Justin Lamb

Jack of all Trades

There is nothing he can’t do

Wendy Liddycoat

Curator of Storefront Experiences

Creating the retail experience of your dreams

Lamb Team Rob

Bonsai Culturist

“Eat, pray, love” enthusiast