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Leslie’s Spring Garden

If you were to ask me if I had any hobbies I would tell you, “oh you mean my kids?” Outside of work, which yes I’ll admit I can be a bit of an obsessive worker, I spend all my time at kid’s sports practices, games, driving them around, feeding them…I mean, you know the […]

DIY Ombre Wall

The long awaited tutorial for our DIY ombre wall from the season finale of Unsellable Houses is finally here! We hope you all will use this tutorial to transform your own spaces and tag us in the before and afters! Use the hashtag #UnsellableHousesDIY and tag us @lambandcompany. We can’t wait to see what you […]

Fresh Paint Colors for Spring

Spring is in the air, and it seems like most of us are taking this time in quarantine to clean up around the house and freshen up our spaces to make them feel new. I was recently inspired by a new color palette released by West Elm x Sherwin Williams, it has a beautiful mix […]

Better than New Rustic Comfort Reno

Here we are, Episode TEN—that means we are just one week away from the season 1 finale of Unsellable Houses! What fun it’s been re-watching the last year unfold on TV. With this episode, we hit a couple challenges due to snowy weather…as you would expect in mid-December—well, sort of! Snow this heavy is not […]

Present-day Modern Transformation

For this episode, we ventured into our first split-level we are doing for the show. The most challenging part about a split-level entry home is that most buyers will write off these homes before ever seeing them. They assume the layout isn’t what they are looking for and move on. Fair enough!  We knew going […]

My Favorite Greys by Lyndsay Lamb

We all know the struggle that is finding the right paint color. It can very quickly become a thief of time, and dare I say it; JOY! I spent months over the course of season one of Unsellable Houses working with a variety of different greys for each house, so I know from experience—all greys […]

Being a Kick-ass Working Mother

I’m not your “typical” blogger. As a matter of fact, this is the first blog I have ever written!  Yay yay yay, clap clap clap…yeah, we’ll see if they let me back on here for the next one. I get asked pretty frequently about how I juggle being “a good mom” (whatever that means) and […]

Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Being a first time homebuyer is exciting! But we also know that it has the reputation to be extremely overwhelming—especially in the fast pace Snohomish County market and how quickly these homes can move! That’s why it is so important to interview real estate agents and find one that is not only the perfect fit […]

Tips to Making Your Old Home More Efficient

Building codes in Snohomish County. Overkill? Guess what, they’re not. Throughout the years we have added more and more rules to the building codes that make our homes safer. These codes have touched every aspect of the homes we live in. Lamb Real Estate realtor, Matt Kearney, actually lives in an old Seattle home with […]

Go Green While You Spring Clean

Start spring cleaning off right this season by making it a little more green in honor of the upcoming Earth Day, April 22. There are so many alternatives to be used when it comes to cleaning to keep it green and save you money!  Use reusable towels: Swap paper towels for reusable towels, cloth mops, […]