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Tips to Making Your Old Home More Efficient

Building codes in Snohomish County. Overkill? Guess what, they’re not. Throughout the years we have added more and more rules to the building codes that make our homes safer. These codes have touched every aspect of the homes we live in. Lamb Real Estate realtor, Matt Kearney, actually lives in an old Seattle home with […]

Go Green While You Spring Clean

Start spring cleaning off right this season by making it a little more green in honor of the upcoming Earth Day, April 22. There are so many alternatives to be used when it comes to cleaning to keep it green and save you money!  Use reusable towels: Swap paper towels for reusable towels, cloth mops, […]

Staging Tips for a Quick Home Sale

A lot of home seller’s don’t realize the amount of work it takes to get a home ready to sell until they are in the brunt of it! Use these 7 tips to stage your home properly and to give yourself the proper amount of time needed to ensure that once your home is on […]

6 Updates Your Home Needs Every 10 Years

If you’re nearing the 10 year mark on your home, it’s likely that you’re starting to see a little wear & tear in a couple key areas. Fixing & updating these areas before they break or need complete replacement can easily save you money in the long run….especially once you’re gearing up to sell. Check […]

How to Make Your Home “Smarter”

Today’s smart home’s are still in what they call “learning mode” but the advancements are already extremely sought after! As companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon keep digging deeper into how they can make our lives more efficient, why not hop on for the ride and make your house a smart house? Below are just […]

15 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

As the cooler temperatures begin to flood the Pacific Northwest, we also begin to see little reminders telling us that Fall & Winter are vastly approaching! Even though summer isn’t quite over yet, now is the perfect time to start working around the house (inside & out) to prepare for the cooler seasons. Below are […]

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Keeping your home cool in the summer can be a challenge without air conditioning. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your home cool this summer without having to break the bank! Keep your blinds closed during the day: Closing your windows, blinds, and drapes is essential and will not only lower the temperature in your home […]

Questions to Ask your Mover

Thinking about hiring a moving company to assist you in packing and moving to your new home? Before you do, consider taking this list of questions along to your consultation to be sure that you are choosing the best company to meet your needs. Take time to interview several different companies & ask for references before […]

Benefits to Professional Photography

We always use professional photographers to capture the most out of our listings. Capturing every color, texture, and architectural feature of a home is essential. Notice the difference between non-professional (left) and professional (right). You will see these photos used all throughout our marketing pieces when selling your home. Using a professional will not only […]