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Oh my gourd! It's almost fall!

Oh, my gourd! It is almost fall! Can you believe it?! I know a lot of people are holding onto summer, and don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but this year has been abnormally hot for the area, so I am ready for all things PSL, cozy, and bring on some PNW rainy weather!  […]

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Unsellable Houses

Day Care Reno

Season 2, Episode 12 It’s always an extra challenge to sell a home when it’s previously been use...

Unsellable Houses

Nineties to Now

Season 2, Episode 11 When it comes to selling an older house, getting the most out of the sale can b...

Unsellable Houses

Rough Rental Reno

Season 2, Episode 10 When it comes time to sell, rental properties often need some extra love. This ...

Unsellable Houses

Historic Home Rescue

Season 2, Episode 9 So, this home was special for a lot of reasons.  First, it was a historic renov...

Unsellable Houses

Contemporary Cleanup

Season 2, Episode 8 I was super excited to take on this house! It had the makings of a fun challenge...

Unsellable Houses

Outdated to Upgraded

Season 2, Episode 7 In this episode, we worked with our client Hannah to get a family member’s hou...

Unsellable Houses

Sibling Split Level

Season 2, Episode 6 This episode is extra special to us! Probably our favorite so far! This week, we...

Unsellable Houses

Nest Egg Reno

Season 2, Episode 5 We couldn’t get enough of the coastal vibes on this episode! This week, we dov...


15% Off Our Mom's Favorite Finds!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 9, in case you’re looking it up now!), and we’re s...

Unsellable Houses

Mid-Mod Oasis

Season 2, Episode 4 This week, we jumped in and took on an eclectic 1953 home and brought out all it...

Unsellable Houses

Small House Save

Unsellable Houses Season 2, Episode 3 Small houses can be particularly difficult to sell, especially...

Unsellable Houses

Two Bedroom Dilemma

Season 2, Episode 2 We’re so excited to take you behind the scenes on this week’s reno! This was...