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Guide to Mixing Metals

One of the questions we get all the time is how to mix metals. With styles and trends ever-changing, going from everyone loving gold to silver to matte black, sometimes the best answer to keep up with the trends is to mix and match! By mixing different metals you can add a level of dimension […]

5 ways to use a Blanket Ladder

We hope that everyone is off to a great summer! With the heatwave going through Washington we have been finding more and more people seeking the comforts of AC inside their homes, and being inside for us means home design projects! One of the biggest questions we get is how to use décor that we […]

Renewed Ocean Views

Season 2, Episode 13 Oh my gosh. This is it. The last episode of Season 2! What an amazing journey this season has been. Les and I are so grateful for all your love as we take on this adventure together! This week’s project was tough. This condo listing was in a prime location that […]

Day Care Reno

Season 2, Episode 12 It’s always an extra challenge to sell a home when it’s previously been used as a business. Buyers have a hard time seeing past the current business configuration and into the home with all its possibilities. That’s exactly what we tackled here. Sue and Mary had run a day care out […]

Nineties to Now

Season 2, Episode 11 When it comes to selling an older house, getting the most out of the sale can be hard, especially when you’re competing against new construction in the area.  That’s exactly what we faced this week.  Jeff and Kristen were ready to downsize now that their kids were grown, but their 1990s-built […]

Rough Rental Reno

Season 2, Episode 10 When it comes time to sell, rental properties often need some extra love. This one was no exception! Our clients had owned this house for 20+ years and used it as an investment property and nest egg. Now that their daughters were headed to college, it was time to cash in. […]

Historic Home Rescue

Season 2, Episode 9 So, this home was special for a lot of reasons.  First, it was a historic renovation, and I love this type of product. There’s so much character and charm hidden in historic homes, and it’s so much fun to discover what we can accentuate and how we can add some contemporary […]

Outdated to Upgraded

Season 2, Episode 7 In this episode, we worked with our client Hannah to get a family member’s house on the market and sold. She’d tried selling the house once before, but with only two bedrooms, it wasn’t catching the attention of buyers in the area. Oh, and it “smelled weird” and had “gross floors.” […]

Sibling Split Level

Season 2, Episode 6 This episode is extra special to us! Probably our favorite so far! This week, we had the chance to help one of our good friends, Jeana, and her family renovate their home and put it back on the market. Best part: Jeana is Jeff’s sister! For real, this project hit us […]

Nest Egg Reno

Season 2, Episode 5 We couldn’t get enough of the coastal vibes on this episode! This week, we dove into an Arlington home that really needed to get full price but wasn’t attracting any offers. When we walked in, we immediately knew we needed to open up the main living area and help buyers see […]