Our Favorite Design Trends of Spring ’23

Ah, spring! Spring is quickly approaching, bringing longer days, better weather, a natural craving for change, and an overall refresh. Time to start checking to-dos off your list, do a deep spring clean, and kickstart those home refreshes.

The last few years have greatly impacted current design trends and will continue to play a significant role in how they evolve. For many, their home served multiple purposes, with many permanently working from home, ultimately shifting the importance and value of interior design.

Feeling at home has become a necessity and a luxury. And people have found comfort in embracing and showcasing their personalities through their home decor, furniture, and overall interior design choices. 

So, in the spirit of reflecting on how everyone is using their spaces right now, we’ve partnered with Wayfair Professional – a one-stop shop and free membership program for trade professionals and businesses of all sizes – on a list of six design trends you can expect to see this spring. 

We love a trend that adds depth and dimension in a single step, and woven designs definitely do the trick. 

Woven materials, like rattan, have been used worldwide for thousands of years and saw a surge in popularity with the boho-inspired styles of the 60s and 70s, and we are seeing a renaissance of it again. Now more than ever, people crave natural materials in their homes, often associated with the calmness of the outdoors. 

From cane-detailed patterns on headboards to hand-woven rattan light fixtures and jute rugs, there are so many ways to spice up a space with woven everything

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all trend; it quite literally comes in all shapes and sizes. 

The designs of these pieces are just as diverse as the art they’re inspired by, but that means there is something for everyone–whether you or your client are looking for a simple and organic vibe or flashy and extravagant.

The beauty of abstract shapes is their versatility. You can make a bold statement with something large, like a curved couch, or add dimension and character to an existing piece of furniture with something small, like a set of vases. (try this combination: Anatomy Handmade Ceramic Vase + Kuru Handmade Ceramic BowlHandmade Table Ceramic Vase)

A joke we’ve seen online lately is, “absolutely no big light!” which essentially translates to “I want more lighting options than just a traditional overhead light.” Joking or not, we’re seeing layered lighting more and more lately.

We love how using different light sources helps create different vibes and easily transforms a space. Our go to? Swapping harsh canned lighting for a focused pendant light over a sink or counter. 

And in the bedroom, scones above (or a small lamp on) the nightstand says “time to relax” without being totally lights out.

Long story short, people love options and gravitate toward designs that allow them to have options, like layered lighting.

After years of dark grays and beige earth tones, people want more natural tones in their homes. The desire for bright and natural colors goes hand-in-hand with the resurgence of rattan–the craving for the calmness that nature brings but turning towards the more colorful side of nature. 

Think hues inspired by beautiful sunsets, seasonal florals, and the ocean. We’re not suggesting you leave those neutral, beige earth tones behind entirely; instead, add accents of terracottas, mauve, and sea–blue to make a vibrant yet inviting space.

When clients aren’t sure about adding more color, we always encourage them to dip a toe in with an accent pillow.

Many of us spent more time at home (in sweatpants, no judgment) in the last few years than we ever had before, which has left most with an appetite for little (and not-so-little) luxuries–from chic water carafes to chef-approved ranges

Really anything that sparks moments of joy and lends a hand in creating a sense of luxury, which really can from person to person and design to design. 

In our work, this means looking for moments that elevate the everyday for clients. For example, switching out the coffee pot for an espresso machine, or adding a spa stool to the soaking tub for plush towels and your favorite candle.

Many trends come and go, but we’re not sure art deco was or will ever be truly out of style–it’s sophisticated and timeless while still managing to feel modern and current. 

This playful yet elegant look is on the rise in both residential and commercial spaces. Pops of moody jewel tones, and striking but unexpected materials, like burlwood and velvet, make art deco the perfect segue for those wanting to move on from a neutral palette.

The blend of vintage-inspired details, makes each piece feel one-of-a-kind. Much like we see with abstract shapes, there are so many ways to bring art deco into a space–make a statement with a burlwood coffee table, or start small with a brass bar cart as an eclectic accent piece.

Shop all of these trends on Wayfair Professional now! And if you’re a Pro, definitely check out their free program and members-only benefits (like Exclusive Pro Pricing and 360-degree support tailored to business needs!).

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Lyndsay & Leslie