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Old Ranch to New Nest

Okay, can I start by saying that we LOVED this week’s episode! Working with every client is unique, but we would be lying if we said that working with Dick wasn’t extra special! He bought his home almost 50 years ago and had done a lot of the work on the house himself, so getting to come in and keep some of the elements that he put so much time and love into was special!

Location and Inspiration:

Finally! We are back in our hometown of Snohomish this week! Dick’s home was only about a 5-minute drive from the office; funny enough, we have sold multiple homes on the street where he lived! As I mentioned before, Dick did some fantastic projects for his home. One was a cedar wall that surrounded his fireplace. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love! I knew I had to incorporate it into the design as much as possible, and to me, the wall just screamed South West Ranch. I wanted to modernize the space with beautiful tiles, rich woods, and stone textures.

Key Updates:



To our surprise, Dick let us know that under the carpet throughout the home was the original hardwood, so of course, we had to uncover it to see if it was salvageable, and lucky for us, it was! We have tried to use the original hardwoods in a few of the houses this season, and we were over the moon that we were finally able to! 



Doing a facelift on the kitchen is one of the things that we do in almost every Unsellable, okay, in every Unsellable. Still, I wanted to add a lot of texture to this home! We went with beautiful medium brown-gray cabinets, leather pulls for consistency, and to Jeff’s dismay, terracotta backsplash! 



When I decided to take on the South West Ranch Style, I knew I needed to add many patterns, and the way I chose to do it was in the tiles that I incorporated into the design! One of the questions I get a lot is how to mix design tiles without it feeling like too much, and what I like to do is have one main pattern at every eyeline. For example, I pick a bold print for the flooring but keep it a complimentary solid in the shower surround. Note: this doesn’t have to be white or gray; it can be a fun color!

Here are the tiles I used for this week! 

Kitchen/ Entry Flooring

Hall Bathroom Flooring

Hall Bathroom Shower

Main Bathroom Flooring

Main Bathroom Shower

Laundry Flooring

Shop this look:

Embossed Metal Square Picture frames

Green Terracotta vase

Yellow Terracotta vase

Canvas Books with storage

Green textured vase

Scallop Bowl

Scallop Cup

Green tealight holder

Rattan Tray with metal handles

White handle salad servers

White Salad plate

White Dinner plate

Shadow napkins

Macrame plant hanger

Metal framed round mirror on chain

Round mango tray w/ brass handles


Key Materials:

Did you know that we have the products we used in this home liked in our amazing storefront?! You can find all of our favorites from this Episode Here!




This week we were lucky enough to work with local artist Dana Hunting. You can find her on etsy here! Or check her out on Instagram @Dana.Hunting.Photo


Final Results: 


The Numbers: 

Unsellable Price: $575,000

New List Price: $700,000

Offer: $770,000

Final Profit After Split: $57,500


What is coming next week: 

Builder Drab to Coastal Fab

“Despite being in a high-demand neighborhood, a couple’s boxy home with its original ’90s materials needs a major update to sell. Lyndsay and Leslie put a premium on big impact spaces with a modern coastal vibe in hopes of bringing in million-dollar bids.”

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