Unsellable Houses

Colorfully Crafted

We got back in touch with Julie and Dave in this week’s episode! We have known each other for years and were friends with their daughter growing up. So, when we found out they needed some help selling their mom’s house, we couldn’t refuse! 

Location and Inspiration:

This house is located in Lake Stevens. Lake Stevens is the town that is right next to us and is known for its beautiful lake, fantastic school district, and a recent surge of new buyers. It was the new buyers that I ended up getting my inspiration. First-time home buyers and younger buyers are typically more inclined to want the more contemporary trends and more dramatic colors. I wanted this house to be “Instagram worthy.” I went with the style of colorful eclectic! 


Key Updates:


When you walked into the house, the entry closet, missed matched floors, and 90s fireplace all made the home feel outdated. We removed the closet, added LVP throughout, and came up with a great plan with Jeff to add interest while still getting rid of the 2000s feel. I also really leaned into staging to help us with this design! Using staging, we defined spaces and showed the home buyer that the living space has multiple functions.


Wow! What an update in this area! When we first came in, the kitchen was very outdated, and we needed to bring in the wow factor, especially for the younger buyers. We were working with a pretty tight budget, and rather than using a large chunk to replace the cabinets, we repainted them SW Rosemary, and then for the backsplash, I went with a textured blush. Combining these with the new appliances brought life back into the space and made for that “Instagram worthy” kitchen we were going for.


Main Bedroom- 

The bedrooms in this home were all a great size, but we needed something to make the main bedroom stand out to attract the new buyers. So, we teamed up with our friends at Closet Creations to add a custom closet to the main bedroom. I mean, who doesn’t want a custom closet? 


Special Project-

Now, we did some really fun things with this home, but I have to say that one of my favorites was adding wallpaper to the ceiling in the laundry room! We used peel and stick from Hygge and West, and it made such a big difference in a room that typically gets overlooked and was a bow on our colorful, eclectic design. 

Shop this look:

Embossed Metal Square Picture frames

Green Terracotta vase

Yellow Terracotta vase

Canvas Books with storage

Green textured vase

Scallop Bowl

Scallop Cup

Green tealight holder

Rattan Tray with metal handles

White handle salad servers

White Salad plate

White Dinner plate

Shadow napkins

Macrame plant hanger

Metal framed round mirror on chain

Round mango tray w/ brass handles


Key Materials:

Did you know that we have the products we used in this home liked in our amazing storefront?! You can find all of our favorites from this Episode Here!



When we go to renovate homes we almost always go with LVP because of its strength and durability! For this home here are our flooring details: 

Website: featherlodge.info

Instagram: featherlodgebrands

Brand: Feather Lodge Brands

Flooring Collection: AquaLogic Ultra



This week we were lucky enough to work with local artist Yani Broom. You can find her on etsy here! Or check her out on Instagram @yanibcreative 


Final Results: 

The Numbers: 

Unsellable Price: $475,000

New List Price: $575,000

Offer: $650,000

Final Profit After Split: $62,500

What is coming next week: 

Timeless Elegance

“A couple wants to sell their 1970s rambler and get started on their dream retirement, but their wood-paneled home with only one bathroom needs work. Lyndsay and Leslie use elegant tilework and bold color to create the perfect home for a second-time buyer.”

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