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Retro Reno

Travis and Erin bought their home when they were newlyweds, but with Travis being in the Navy, the family is no longer local, so they have been renting out the house for the last 14 years, and they are finally ready to sell. 


Location and Inspiration 


The home is located in a neighborhood of Historical Everett, one of our favorite places to do Unsellables. When looking into what style I wanted to do for the home, I took into account that it has fantastic walkability and tons of things to do locally, and with the college right up the street, it caters to a younger demographic. In addition, all of the homes in the area were built between the 1920s- 1950s. Taking all of these things into account, I knew there was only one design for this home, Subtle Retro. This style is fun and funky and creates an Instagram-worthy home with blacks, whites, and terrazzo, perfect for that younger demographic but still staying true to the home’s charm. 

Key Updates



Unfortunately, the hardwood floors on the first floor of the home were just beyond saving. Luckily the floors upstairs were still able to be salvaged! However, hardwood floors can only be refinished a certain number of times, and the floors upstairs have reached that limit. We were able to save and use the floors by painting them! If done correctly, painting the hardwood floors will extend the life of the floors while still keeping some form of the historical element. 


We replaced the downstairs flooring with a stunning LVP. 

Product Info:

Website: featherlodge.info

Instagram: featherlodgebrands

Brand: Feather Lodge Brands

Flooring Collection: AquaLogic Ultra

Flooring Specifications: 7.25” x 48” x 6.5MM

Color:  Weathered Oak

  • This color is also available in: JetCore XL (7.0MM) – Aged Hickory


The living room was the only living space in the home, so it was vital that we made it feel as large as possible and added in multiple unique features. Adding board and batten to the ceiling makes the room feel more extensive and defines the spaces further. Once completed, the ceilings almost give the look of a coffered ceiling. 


In the kitchen, I wanted to go with green cabinets and expand the kitchen a little bit into the old eating area with a built-in bench for the eating space, and it is a great way to add value to the kitchen. Shockingly Leslie picked out the green color, and it looked incredible and was funky enough for our subtle retro theme. The cabinets are complemented by the gray terrazzo hexagon backsplash and white quartz countertops. 


In the second bedroom upstairs, we were able to turn it into an actual bedroom by adding a closet to the room. It officially became a bedroom! Fun fact: to have a room qualify as a bedroom, it has to have two forms of egress and a closet! Having an additional bedroom is essential when marketing the home, and for the appraised value, it also opens up an additional buyers pool. 


Outside, we had initially planned to lay new sod. Still, once we started to reevaluate the home’s exterior, it was clear that instead, we needed to paint the exterior. For a little extra boost of curb appeal, Jeff made us an incredible metal awning to go around the bay window of the home, and we added bark and flowers to bring life back to the house, and the white paint and red stain just made everything look so charming and fresh!

The deck was not in as bad of shape as we initially thought. Rather than rebuilding the entire deck, we found that we need to replace the top layer of deck materials and handrails. The good news was that we were able to use composite wood by not having to replace the whole deck. The composite wood is excellent for marketing the home and will make the deck last!

The Numbers:

Kitchen Remodel- $30,000

Bathroom Remodel- $10,000

Bedroom Remodel- $3,000

Add another closet- $1,000

Exterior fixes- $6,000

Total Renovation $50,000


Unsellable Price- $400,000

Renovation Cost- $50,000

New List Price- $520,000

Offer- $520,000

Profit After Split- $35,000


Shop this look: 

White Handled Salad Servers

Large 24” Square Velvet Pillow Taupe

Green Terracotta Vase

Gray Terracotta Vase 

Yellow Terracotta Vase

Potted Succulent

7” Mango Wood Candle Stick Holder

Mango Wood Boxes




Cabinets Kennebunkport by BM


Living Room Flush Mounts

Kitchen Nook Chandelier 

Pendant over Sink

Mudroom Flush Mounts

Bathroom Vanity Light

Bedroom lighting


Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Sink 

Shower/ Bath Fixture 


This week we were lucky enough to work with an amazing local artist, Gabis Guedes. You can find their website here!

End Results:

What to expect next week:

Fancy Farmhouse

“While looking for an old friend, Leslie and Lyndsay meet fellow VW enthusiasts who are struggling to sell a house they built 15 years ago. The twins update the home’s builder-grade materials and add darker finishes for an elegant twist on farmhouse style.”

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