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Another week means another episode of Unsellable houses! This week we were lucky enough to work with some of our friends, Alana, Brian, and their daughter Jo Jo! Funny enough, we helped them buy their home years before, so coming back to this house felt like coming full circle! 

Location and Inspiration: 

The home was located in Edmonds, about a 20-minute drive from our office in Snohomish. Edmonds is known for its cute shops, fabulous restaurants, and ferries and is right on the Puget Sound! For this home, based upon location, size, and the fact that it already has a pool, we knew we would be looking at listing the home right around the million-dollar mark. Now, we do not do too many homes that are in the million-dollar range on the show, but when working with million-dollar homes and million-dollar clients, there are a few more things I have to take into consideration. 1. These clients are looking for more luxury finishes. 2. Because their budget is higher, they have more homes to buy, so we have to make ours stand out. 3. These buyers can be more established, and they look a little deeper into the functionality of the home and the spaces. With all of this in mind, I decided to go with a Deep and Moody style for the home. 

Key Updates: 


 When we first were walking the downstairs, talking to Alana and Brian, there were a lot of areas in the home that they did not know what to do with the space and that they did not know what to do, so we needed to define areas and make sure every area of the home was functional. One of the ways we did this was by adding walls in the kitchen and defining more of the spaces with our staging. 


Once we had the walls up in the kitchen, we were able to expand the cabinet space, create a bar area, added honed quartz countertops and a rolling island. The honed quartz countertops were one of the ways that we were able to make our kitchen stand out. Honed quartz can be referred to as matte, but it differs from most countertops as they are soft, have a texture very similar to leather, and provide an almost organic feel. 

Drop Ceilings:

I had my hopes up that we were going to be able to get rid of the drop ceilings in the kitchen, but after JL took a look into the structure of the home, we found out that we would not be able to get rid of the ceiling. So, I went with plan B. I added a wood feature to the drop ceiling to make the room look more cohesive with the other wood features. 

Main Bedroom: 

With this being a million-dollar home, buyers expect a luxury oasis for the main bedroom, and we wanted this home to stand out. We painted the fireplace, and most beautifully, we added a custom closet through beautiful french doors and added his and hers vanities in the bathroom and an oversized shower and black soaking tub. 


Previously this had been a considerable bonus space that has been pretty much unused. We corrected this by putting up a wall and adding a 4th bedroom! By adding in the 4th bedroom, we expand our buyer pool and add appraised value to the home! Also, to answer the question we have been getting all week, there was a window and a bathroom right down the hall! 

Featured Products: 


Black candlestick

Bone frame

Soapstone pillar

Gray textured vase

Hanging succulent

Green tealight holder

Kitchen/ Dining

Marble S/P pinch bowl w/tray

Polka Dot Mug

Black Candlestick

Polka Dot small bowl

B/W Stripe Small Bowl

Ziggy Salad Spoons

Canvas Books with Storage

Green Tealight Holder

Polka Dot Large Bowl

Hanging Succulent

Gray Textured Vase

White Salad Servers 

B/W Stripe Mug

Textured Black Dinner Plate

2 Tier Tray- Black

Polka Dot Plates

Echo Shadow Placemat 

Two homespun dishcloth- natural color

Wet Bar

Hanging Succulent

Brass Candlestick

Polka Dot Small Bowl

B/W Stripe Plate

Polka Dot Plate

Wine Room

Bone Frame

dBodhi Shelf


Mango Wood Boxes

Potted Succulent 

Soapstone Pillar

Gray Textured Vase

Brass Candlestick

Large 24” Square Velvet Pillow Taupe

Canvas Books w/ Storage



7”Mango Candle Holder

Potted Succulent

Green Textured Vase


Polka Dot Mug

Green Textured Vase

Gold Metal Wall Shelf

Embossed Metal Frame

Potted Succulent

Key Materials: 

Cabinet Pulls

Hall Bath Vanity

Downstairs Vanity

Hall Bath Faucet

Hall Bath Shower

Main Bath Faucet

Main Bath Shower

Tub FIller

Downstairs Shower

Exterior Sconces

Entryway Chandelier 

Livingroom LIght

Dining Area Light

Breakfast Nook Light

Hall Light

Main Bath Lights

Bonus Room Lights


Website: featherlodge.info

Instagram: featherlodgebrands

Brand: Feather Lodge Brands

Flooring Collection: AquaLogic Ultra

Color: AquaLogic Ultra – Grey

  • This color is also available in: AquaLogic Pro (4.5MM) – Galveston Oak


Closet System: 

For the Closet System in the home we used our Friends at Closet Creations. We have linked their website here.  Be sure to use code TWINWIN for 10% off your purchase. 


This week we were lucky enough to work with Erin Oostra! She did stunning work and if you are interested in getting one of her pieces or learning more about her artwork you can find her website here

End Results: 

The Numbers: 

Unsellable Price: $800,000

Renovation Cost: $100,000

List Price: $1,000,000

Offer: $1,320,000

Final Profit After Split: $210,000

What to Expect Next Week: 

Retro Reno 

“A military family is overwhelmed trying to sell the cozy, older house that they haven’t lived in for almost 15 years. Lyndsay and Leslie use their remodeling tricks to turn this cottage rental into a gorgeous starter home with a stylish retro feel.”

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