What Design Trends are IN and OUT for 2022?!

Our Favorite 2022 Home Design Trends


Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that your year is starting incredibly! We just wanted to share a few of our favorite trends that we see coming to popularity in 2022 and trends that we believe will be staying in 2021.

Staying in 2021….All-White Kitchens

While the all-white kitchen had its moment, many more unique and functional options are available. Yes, a white-on-white kitchen has the potential to be timeless, but at this point, it’s a bit overdone and not wow-worthy. 


Instead, try painting the cabinets or adding in a colored backsplash to keep your space on-trend for an easy change! 

Coming in 2022 – Color Cabinets

Instead of an All-White Kitchen…Try Color Cabinets! 


The kitchen is where people come together at least once a day, sometimes more, and often ends up being the center of your home when entertaining. Why not add beautiful interest to one of the most used spaces?


A colorful kitchen adds so much dimension to a home without adding excessive decor or artwork, making the home feel functional and stylish. 


Some of our favorite colors of 2022 are: 


Kennebunkport by Sherwin Williams


Aleutian by Sherwin Williams


Staying in 2021…All Gray 

The days of all gray are over! Okay, not entirely out. While an all-gray color palette can be a great neutral option, it tends to make a home feel cold and unlived in. 


Since most people are still working from home, they are creating a warmer and more comfortable space. Many are leaning more towards a more lived-in color palette or stepping outside the box and trying something entirely new! 


If you’re going to spend most of your time at your house, why not make it fun? Besides, there are just so many exciting options to choose from! 2022 is the year of being bold, and this should reflect in your home. 

Coming in 2022 – Wallpaper

Instead of an All-Gray Color Palette…Try Wallpaper! 


If you watched season two, you might remember the start of our obsession with wallpaper, but in 2022 you can expect to see wallpaper everywhere! 


Gone are the days of tacky wallpaper that ruined your walls! (I know many of you are traumatized, and I don’t blame you.) Now wallpaper is an easy addition to add such a dynamic detail to a home. 


We predict that this trend will definitely be replacing your traditional accent wall or an accent feature in a room. Bonus points if you add wallpaper to creative spaces like the ceiling or on top of a board and batten wall!


Staying in 2021….Fast Furniture! 


Just like fast fashion, fast furniture is making its way out! Many people are choosing quality over quantity of the pieces in their homes. 


Instead of big box chain stores, opt for a smaller brand or a local store that will ensure your pieces will not need to be replaced within a few years! Plus, this helps a home feel clean and timeless!

Coming in 2022- Sustainable living

Instead of Fast Furniture… Try Buying Sustainable and quality furniture! 

Okay, so sustainable living has and always will be in style, but we have seen a huge resurgence in home decor styles based on sustainable furniture. Styles like cottage core, farmhouse, and mid-century modern, a central stylistic point is using upcycled furniture to decorate your home. 


Try purchasing from an antique store, checking OfferUp or Facebook, or take a stab at upcycling your own items! Or, use products that uses sustainable materials like our D-Bodhi Shelves that were made from recycled teak wood that was sourced in Indonesia from old support beams and outer panels of old houses, barns and other structures!



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