We are “Falling” for these Activities

Happy October, everyone!


If you haven’t noticed so far, fall is one of Lyndsay and my favorite times of the year! We love waking up to the fresh, crisp air and watching the leaves on trees slowly changing from green to beautiful shades of orange. Fall also means beanies, hoodies, rain boots, and I am being honest, I would wear these clothes year-round, but I usually try to withstand doing this until October, so now my time is finally here! Bring on the beanies!


Since the kiddos are back at school, I try to spend as much time with them as possible during the weekends and make the most of the nice days we have. Luckily we live in a city that has so many fun things to do during the fall, some of my favorites are:


Pumpkin Picking


Bob’s Corn and Pumpkins Farm is usually one of the first stops on our fall bucket list! This place is nearly a one-stop shop for some of our favorite daytime fall activities. They really have so many things to do, especially with the kiddos. 


Before we do anything, I always stop to grab a warm spiced apple cider at the concession stand to keep us warm in the usually brisk and unpredictable October weather! 


Even though we don’t carve our pumpkins until closer to Halloween, we still love scouring the patch for the perfect pumpkin. I love watching the kids’ taste in pumpkins evolve over the years. I usually go for a super traditional plump and orange pumpkin. Be sure to get to the patch earlier in the season for a wider selection of pumpkins! 


Bob’s Corn also has a HUGE corn maze that is fun to do with the kiddos, too. Slip on your favorite pair of rain boots and get lost in the 12-Acre maze of corn! We love tackling the challenge together as a family. You can also do a nighttime version of this corn maze — not a haunted corn maze with scares, but a family-friendly one with flashlights!


Now, I know that not everyone has a Bob’s Corn to go to, and I am sorry for that because you are definitely missing out, but I think almost everywhere has a pumpkin patch of some kind to go visit, and I highly recommend doing so! 


Another fun activity to do with your kids at the pumpkin patch is to create a scavenger hunt for them to go on! I try to think of unique things we might see, and the kids race to see who can find them all! Below I have included a copy of one of my scavenger hunts! Now keep in mind you can change the scavenger hunt to make it harder or easier depending on your kids’ ages!

Spookier Nights


Kyler and Cash have started to get older, and with that, they have started to enjoy the spookier parts of Halloween. For them to enjoy this, we look no further than Stocker Farms!


Stocker Farms becomes “Stalker Farms” evenings in October and offers many different spooky Fall activities geared more towards adults and teens. 


Be sure to layer up as October evenings tend to dip into cooler temps. Stocker Farms also offers bonfires by rental, be sure to reserve one in advance because they go quickly, but it’s a great way to stay warm with friends and family!


Start your fright-filled evening by grabbing a warm cider or a drink of choice from the beer garden, and then have your pick at a few different scare attractions. There are two walk-through haunted attractions, an intense game of “red light, green light” with a Monster, and a paintball shooting gallery with clown targets! 


If you’d rather have an evening without scares, you can always opt for a “no scare night” and adventure through the nighttime corn maze and shoot at the clown paintball gallery (this is usually the night Cole and I enjoy)!


Whatever attractions you choose, I guarantee you’ll have a great fall night at Stocker Farms! 


If you are looking for more of an at-home spooky night, or where you live doesn’t have attractions like Stocker Farms, I am a big fan of a spooky movie night. 


To make the night extra special, try making a blanket fort with your kids, and light the house with candles and flashlights. (Only, not candles in the fort, please!) We usually follow this up by adding some of our favorite Halloween-themed treats and candy, and my favorite are the candy corn pumpkins. 


If you are anything like my family, we have a hard time narrowing down our movie list, but let me help make it a little easier by sharing a few of our favorite movies to watch with my kids on a spooky movie night.




Lamb Team Recipe 

We thought it would be super fun to have one of our awesome Lamb Team members share one of their favorite fall recipes the entire month of October! First up is one of our incredible Real Estate Brokers, Ericka Hardwick. Ericka specializes in luxury hard-to-sell homes, but she is also a mom to two teen boys, so quick and easy recipes are a must. 

Here is how to make her famous Hot Onion Dip, perfect for tailgating or a Halloween Party!


Ericka’s Hot Onion Dip


Preheat oven to 425


Mix together 


1 package of frozen chopped onions

1 brick of cream cheese

1 cup of mayo 

1 package of shredded parmesan cheese


Heat until bubbly 


Serve with Ritz Crackers

That’s it! So quick, so easy, so good!

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