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Renewed Ocean Views

Season 2, Episode 13

Oh my gosh. This is it. The last episode of Season 2! What an amazing journey this season has been. Les and I are so grateful for all your love as we take on this adventure together!

This week’s project was tough. This condo listing was in a prime location that definitely should have sold quickly, but after six months, the seller hadn’t received any viable offers. So…she contacted us!

At 1,200 square feet with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and stunning views of Puget Sound, there was a ton to love about this place. However, it was a condo, and that poses its own set of challenges, since your listing depends a lot on things totally out of your control—neighbors and building exterior being major factors.

But…we had plenty of ideas!

We identified the best feature in the property—that water view!—and made sure all of our design work accentuated that feature. We used cool Modern Mediterranean style materials and staging to highlight the natural beauty right outside the window and used sophisticated textures to attract more mature buyers. And it worked!

Ready for the numbers? Here they are…

That’s 118% of our client’s original sale price! It’s incredible what the right updates and staging can do for a property!

Here’s what went into this condo…

Colors, Patterns, & Texture Inspos

We knew we wanted to work with a Mediterranean aesthetic in this home. There’s a certain sophistication and sense of establishment in the Mediterranean style that we knew would appeal to mature buyers looking at condos for retirement. But as we jumped into the project, we realized that the traditional warm, earthy palette didn’t feel right for this property. So we opted for our own take on the look!

We kept the classic terracotta elements, tiles, and patterns associated with Mediterranean design but used soft blues and green colors to reflect the Sound view we wanted buyers to fall in love with. By using cooler tones, we created a Modern Mediterranean space that had classic appeal with a contemporary twist. Buyers really loved it! And so did we!

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Key Updates

DIY Project: Painted Tile

We had two big goals with this property: to make it feel contemporary and to show off the awesome Edmonds water views. By painting the windowsill tiles, we found a super cost effective way to do both!

The project was simple. We cleaned the tiles, primed them, then painted them a crisp black. The result was a clean, modern look that highlighted the view and updated the windowsills without invasive work. Super easy! 

JL’s Take

Here’s what our friends at JL Remodeling had to say about this renovation….

This Edmonds condo was ready to be given new life. We knew we could bring the home up to date without major changes to the structure or layout. Focusing on ways to modernize the space, the ideas started flowing.

Extending the kitchen cabinets into the dining space was an easy way to both add functionality and create a more open layout. Having a new apprentice (Leslie) may have slowed us down here, but definitely kept things interesting! 😉

In both bathrooms we kept with the existing layouts and used new finishes to update the rooms without a major expense.

Highlighting the many great features within this home created a space that drew in and wowed potential buyers.

As with every project, working with Lyndsay and Leslie has been an incredible experience and we are always excited to see what they have in store for us next!

Thanks for a great second season, JL team!

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