Unsellable Houses

Outdated to Upgraded

Season 2, Episode 7

In this episode, we worked with our client Hannah to get a family member’s house on the market and sold. She’d tried selling the house once before, but with only two bedrooms, it wasn’t catching the attention of buyers in the area.

Oh, and it “smelled weird” and had “gross floors.” (Those were Hannah’s daughter’s words, not ours! But also, we’re not arguing.) 

We jumped in and got to work. Our first task: to find space for a third bedroom. After that, we styled the home with a transitional vibe, put it on the market at $825,000, and sold it for—wait for it!—$925,000!

Yesss! Score!

Colors, Patterns, & Texture Inspos

For this project, we leaned into transitional home design. Transitional style is pretty amazing. It’s a fun mix of contemporary and traditional elements, making a house feel fresh, new, and timeless all at the same time. It’s pretty clean and uses neutral colors, dark woods, and a blend of textures.

The design worked well, and buyers definitely loved the look!

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Key Updates

DIY Project: Trusses 

So, one of the things we immediately loved about this house was the natural light that poured through the family room skylights. The only issue was that those skylights were partially blocked by extra drywall. To minimize the impact of those drywall dividers and add some unique beauty to the room, we had Jeff remove all the drywall from around the supporting frames and simply leave the trusses exposed. Then we painted the trusses with a dark stain.

The result: amazing! The exposed trusses add visual interest to the whole space.

We love it!

JL’s Take


This was another awesome project. This home had so much potential but really needed love and care everywhere you looked.

Lyndsay and Leslie came into it full of some really amazing ideas to turn this into the high-end home it deserved to be.

Exposing the trusses was a great idea that had a huge impact. It brought so much character into that big, bright, and open room but it had its challenges. The trusses weren’t originally built to be seen, so making them look finished and aesthetically pleasing by painting and filling in sheetrock around the openings was time consuming, but it definitely paid off!

Already on a tight timeline and faced with a lot of work, this project ran close to deadline. The home’s furnace was also dismantled at the time, which added to curing and drying times. Jeff was able to work day and night to have the space ready for Lyndsay and Leslie to meet the staging deadline. 

We came together as a team to really transform a house into a home!

Love you, JL team! Thanks for your incredible work!

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