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Historic Home Rescue

Season 2, Episode 9

So, this home was special for a lot of reasons. 

First, it was a historic renovation, and I love this type of product. There’s so much character and charm hidden in historic homes, and it’s so much fun to discover what we can accentuate and how we can add some contemporary splashes.

Second, [spoiler alert!] it’s ours! We fell so in love with this project that we ended up purchasing it as an investment property. We’re so, so happy with it!

Located in Everett, this 1906 home had been on the market for 2 months with no bites. It had previously belonged to our client’s mother, who recently passed away. We jumped in and helped bring the home back to life, removing an extra bedroom and bath that had been created for downstairs caretaking and upgrading electrical and plumbing needs as well. We then invested in kitchen and bathroom remodels and styled the home with a comfy/cozy aesthetic.

The result was so amazing!

What was originally listed at $390,000 went back on the market at $500,000 and sold for $515,000…and we couldn’t be happier with our investment! 😉

Colors, Patterns, & Texture Inspos

We really wanted to bring out the existing charm in this house even as we made some significant updates. To do that, we stuck with a neutral palette with tons of timeless materials–woods and stones especially. As we worked through the project, we made sure to bring in comfy/cozy elements that made it feel like a family home.

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Key Updates

Favorite Project: Paneled Ceiling 

It’s hard to resist a good shiplap surface. It provides texture and interest in a space without getting too loud. In this house, we decided the kitchen needed a little extra splash of homey-ness, so we decided to add shiplap to the ceiling. It fit well with the classic white cabinets and really added definition to the space.

We love it!

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