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9 of our Favorite 2021 Home Design Trends

Here we are! We’re counting down the days until Unsellable Houses Season 2 hits HGTV and plotting all sorts of fun things for the new year! With that in mind, I thought I’d share my favorite design trends that we’re going to be seeing in 2021.

Take a look, get inspired, and start dreaming about your next home project!

Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

1 | Bold, dark, dramatic powder rooms

Powder rooms are taking on a bold twist this year with dark tones, dramatic wallpapers, and decadent fixtures, all of which add a luxury flair to the space. Your guest bathroom is a small, easy room to play with styles and make a statement. Have fun and embrace the moody look!

Dramatic, bold powder rooms are among the top home design trends for 2021!

2 | Geometric backsplash

Backsplash has always been one of my favorite ways to add texture and interest to a room, and while classic white subway tile never gets old, we’re excited to see kitchen and bathrooms branch out with geometric backsplashes. Think hexagons, cubes, and diamonds.

3 | Dark bronze colors

Dark bronze has been finding its way into kitchens and door handles for several years, but now we’re seeing it featured more prominently as a paint color. In fact, Sherwin Williams chose urban bronze SW 7048 as their 2021 color of the year. I personally have used this color in two of our Season 2 homes already and love it!

4 | Wallpaper—big time!

Wallpaper is moving from accent walls to center stage. Whether it’s soft and floral, bold and abstract, or dark and damask, I’m excited to see homes have some fun with more vivid, colorful rooms. Be on the lookout for how we use wallpaper in Unsellable Houses Season 2!

5 | Dark and moody rooms

This is one I’m very excited for. Don’t get me wrong—I love a good white and bright room. But I also love a dark and moody space! Dark and moody rooms are trending, especially in dining rooms, bedrooms, and TV rooms. Many people think that if a room does not get a ton of natural light, light-colored walls will brighten the space up. But that’s not actually true. White walls in low-light rooms only look dingy. Consider playing around with a dark wall color and trying out a moody space.

When it comes to 2021 home design trends, expect to see more dark and moody rooms!

6 | Olive trees

Let’s not forget the greenery! I still love my fiddle leaf fig tree, but when it comes to houseplants, the potted olive tree is the new hot tree on the market.

7 | Earthy tones

While we’re on the subject of houseplants and organic touches, one overwhelmingly popular trend 2021 is a return to the basics. Look to nature and all its earthy colors, textures, and patterns for inspiration. This could show up in paint colors, wood finish selections, and accent pieces.

8 | Rattan furnishings

I have fond memories of my parents’ wicker and rattan outdoor furniture when I was a kid. It brings me a sense of home and authenticity. This year, we will see plenty of woven furniture making its way into chic indoor spaces.

Rattan furnishings are making a comeback in 2021's top home design trends!

9 | Organic and sustainable furniture

Organic materials and vegetable-based fibers continue to be big. While the style continues to evolve—from wicker and rattan furniture to natural silk upholsteries, hemp curtains, and even cork walls—the core concept of sustainability remains strong!

That’s it! Our top 9 home design trends for 2021. Which ones are you most excited to see?!

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