Lamb + Co Building Tour

We know it’s been a long time coming, but here it is in all its glory: a building tour!

We hosted our first event here in mid-September which was a friends & family soft opening the night before we opened the store to the public. We had a ton of fun and partnered with some of our favorite downtown Snohomish businesses to spoil our guests.

The main floor of the building is entirely dedicated to our new store! We are currently partnering with our friends at Greenhouse Home + Life to bring your favorite styles from Unsellable Houses to Snohomish and beyond.

Dining Table | Dining Chairs | Green Vases | Salt & Pepper Mills 


We’ve worked really hard to bring a variety of styles into the store that blend or mix really well together. That way, no matter your style or vibe there will be something just right for you! You can shop any of these pieces in-store or online on

Pillows | Totes | Bowls | Napkins | Eco-dishcloths | Olive oil bottles

The stairwell at the entry takes you to where the business happens at Lamb + Co;  here you will find Lamb Real Estate and Lamb Design. Our conference room sits there, staged in this photo as a buffet table for our guests. I had this beautiful table custom-made to host the many important meetings we have weekly, where we need many people around the table to get the job done!

Pies | Cookies | Flowers |Coffee

Right next door to the conference room is the kitchen (not finished yet) and my design room. This is where you’ll find me flipping through paint books and pulling together ideas for Season 2 of Unsellable Houses!

Continue on through the back door to find our Lamb Real Estate offices. This is where our team works individually on the daily. Right in the middle of all our offices is this open common room for us all to gather in throughout the day. We almost always will eat lunch together if there are enough of us around!

Thanks for touring with me, this has been such an exciting few months for Lamb + Co. This building has been a dream of mine and Leslie’s for a while now, and we love having this inspiring space for our entire team to call home. It came together better than we could have ever expected.

Come shop with us soon!

Xo, Lyndsay