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Lamb & Co Signature Gift Baskets

If you’ve followed us for some time now, you know that Leslie and I are big gift-givers! We love to spoil and bless our clients, all the while delivering them the quality service they deserve. We eventually grew tired of delivering the standard fruit and flower basket on closing day and decided it was time to spice things up!

We took the basket idea and paired it with the lifestyle or home style of each client, and started filling them with fun, new pieces they could add to their new home. Doing this made the gift that much more personable and we knew our clients were going home happy. We’ve even had clients love their home stage so much that we’ve gifted baskets in the same style that we staged their home in!

A Lamb + Co basket perfect for a plant lover. Mixed with kitchen must haves and a pumpkin to add some seasonal charm.

Here’s my quick guide to making a Lamb & Co. signature gift basket!

What you will need:

The Basket

You can find great sized baskets for a good price at stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and World Market! These stores are always our first stop.

The Raffia—lots of it

You will need a couple of large packs of raffia to fill out the basket. We stuff ours to the top knowing that once we start to add items in, it will pack down a little bit. 


The Theme & The Goods

We love shopping local and filling each basket with items from different stores. Our best advice: pick your theme and run with it! Choose items that go together and then add some items that are always good to have on hand like soaps, candles, or kitchen towels. 

Some of most visited shops & stores:

Retreat Interiors | Hoity Toity | Sprig Flower Co | JoyWorks

The Wrap Up

Embellish your basket a thoughtful card tied to the handle with a piece of twine. The final step before delivery!

We hope this inspires your next gift basket for a client or loved one!