April 16th, 2020

Fresh Paint Colors for Spring

Spring is in the air, and it seems like most of us are taking this time in quarantine to clean up around the house and freshen up our spaces to make them feel new. I was recently inspired by a new color palette released by West Elm x Sherwin Williams, it has a beautiful mix of bold and muted colors! We play with bolder palettes like this often when staging homes and in some of our episodes of Unsellable Houses. With blush making its run to be the new neutral, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of its muted brothers & sisters in upcoming spring and summer color palettes

I love a good dusty blush and how it can blend so seamlessly into any home style. For me, I have a lot of mixed textures & metals throughout my home and adding in these dusty colors really softens the look of my usual grey, black & white vibe. 

Here are a couple of my favorites from the palette:

Hinting Blue SW6519: This calm, dreamy blue would bring perfect peace to any room. Whether you bring the color in with soft linens and throw pillows or decide to paint the walls this color, your new space will feel fresh, calm, and cool in an instant.

Composed SW6472: This gorgeous muted sage caught my eye almost immediately! So fun & vibrant, while being muted enough to not become overwhelming. I would love to see this color on kitchen cabinets in a well lit kitchen!

Debonair SW9139: Another color I would love to see on kitchen cabinets! Deep in color, yet still very modern and coastal in feeling. This color reminds me a lot of the color we painted the kitchen cabinets in the Coastal Modern episode of Unsellable Houses!

Smoky Salmon SW6331: I really love this color because it is a little bit more pigmented than a normal blush pink. We used a color similar to this one in our Scandinavian design episode as well. We painted the front door pink and strategically placed blush details throughout each room to liven up a very white filled design.

What colors catch your eye and how/where would you use them? Comment and let me know on any of our social media sites!