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Summer Activities for the Kids

It is officially the summer season here in Mill Creek and now that the kids are home for the next few months, you’ve probably found yourself wondering what you can do to keep them occupied! Here are a couple fun ideas we have pulled from over the years that worked like a charm…and still do 😉

Water balloons/squirt gun fight: The ultimate cool-mom card right? The kids will spend hours filling the balloons, launching them at each other and have a total ball. Same with the squirt gun fight—just imagine them comparing their Super Soakers for battle. Time spent mapping out the perfect hideouts for re-fill is time well-spent!

Rock painting: Painting rocks is a great way to help kids pass time and an even better way to get them to take a break from being in the sun. Have them pick out a couple rocks and let their imagination fly! After the paint dries, have them place the rocks around the yard so that they can be surprised by their artwork each day.

Pool party: No in-ground pool needed to have fun in the water this summer! If you don’t want to battle the crowds at the beach, there are plenty of fun options for the kiddos at any Walmart or Target! Stock up on an inflatable pool, a couple fun summer-themed floaties, and some pool toys to ensure your kids have the ultimate pool party experience!

Splash parks: There are tons of splash parks located all throughout Snohomish County. Great way to introduce your kids to water without having to worry about them in the pool! Check out one of our previous blogs for more information on local splash parks.

Bubbles: Oh, bubbles. Even at 26, I love playing with bubbles. Watch your kids jump, spin, and twirl endlessly with this little trick. Not to mention all the different wands and machines that help create the most magical bubble wonderland.

Snack Time: Nothing is better after hours of playing in the sun than coming in for a refreshing snack! Provide mass amounts of fruits, veggies, classic pb&j’s, and lemonade for kiddos as they re-energize for round 2!

What are some of the activities that you do with your kiddos to keep them occupied all summer?