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Should You Really Have A Home Inspection… Um, Yes.

Never have I been more aware of the importance of a home inspection than today.  A home that is less than 7 years old and seemed to be kept in perfect condition was found to have a major mold problem in the attic that left the sellers speechless.   

Needless to say, there will be a ton of money put into repairing the damages. The buyers are very thankful they took the time and spent the money on the home inspection.

Unlike other major purchases like an automobile, your ability to “test drive” a home before you actually live in it is very limited. As a home buyer you look for a property that fits your needs and price range.  Much of a home’s value (and eventual cost to you) rests in how sound its construction and major systems are, but the untrained eye isn’t able to determine the significance of common home issues that might be apparent during a walk-through.

As your Real Estate Broker, I am happy to help guide you through all of these steps.