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Keep Out The Winter Chill

Keeping out the winter chill might be easier than you think.  Fireplaces add aesthetic appeal to the house as well as warmth throughout the winter season. While traditional fireplaces need ventilation, there are new types of fireplaces on the market that do not.

Smoke-free fuels derived from eco-friendly, plant-based bio-ethanol can be utilized in rooms where ventilation is not available. The Fire Line Automatic from Planika features a 31″-long, low-profile flame with 14,000 BTUs, and it can be placed on a shelf or into a recessed wall. The Avani, manufactured by BrasaFire, is made of stainless steel and ceramic. It serves as a stand-alone fire or can substitute for a traditional log flame.

But if it’s a modern version of the old fashioned hearth you want, Jayne Michaels’s New York City apartment mantel may be just the thing. The custom-made concrete looks like stone, but it’s more affordable and easier to install. For more inspiration on mantel styles that may suit your home, check out Candice Olson’s 9 Fireplace Design Ideas.