Meet Lyndsay!

Unsellable Houses host Lyndsay Lamb with sister Leslie Davis

I’m Lyndsay Lamb, the twin with bangs! I started Lamb Real Estate because I wanted to use my creativity and surround myself with amazing people I could help.


Work has always been about the people I do it with. From corporate marketing to owning my own real estate business, I love helping people find exactly the thing they’re looking for—then celebrating with them when they do!

I started Lamb Real Estate in 2009. The business quickly grew as we helped families buy or sell their homes, and we quickly became one of the region’s top producing teams year after year.

Along the way, I discovered the art of staging. I use great design to showcase the potential and best features in a property. It helps buyers imagine all the possibilities for the home!

One thing led to another, and now real estate meets design in Unsellable Houses, my sister’s and my all-new HGTV show!

Design & Style

My home style is a complete reflection of my personality—a mixture of classic furnishings and earthy undertones that together create a warm, comfortable, and timeless vibe.

I remember as a kid rearranging and decorating my room again and again. It has always been something I enjoyed!

I don’t lock myself into any one particular style because a space should reflect your mood and my mood changes…a lot.

Personal Stuff

My husband and son are my people. When I’m not on the job, I love to be involved in my community and retreat to the beach with my husband Justin, son Miles, and pup Remo.

I don’t care what I am doing, working on, or enjoying at the time…it is pretty much a given I would rather be hanging out with them!

Thoughts on The Other One

Being a twin is like having a built-in best friend from the beginning. I never had to feel alone in school, left out, or picked last for a team. My twin sister Leslie and I have always done life together, and I would not want it any other way!

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Lyndsay Lamb

Lyndsay Lamb with her VW bus as seen on HGTV's Unsellable Houses