Meet Leslie!

Unsellable Houses host Leslie Davis with sister Lyndsay Lamb

Hi! I’m Leslie Davis! I run 90% on coffee and 10% on chips and salsa. #Truth.


Let’s be real, a standard 9-to-5 couldn’t contain my sister and me. We both tried. And we did well and learned a lot, but at the end of the day, Lyndsay and I were made to run our own personality-filled business together. So we do.

I love killing it for my clients and my high-capacity real estate team. Leading our team of agents, stagers, and all-around doers as we help our client-family is absolutely incredible, and I’m so glad we get to share the journey with you on Unsellable Houses!

Design & Style

My home style is industrial comfort. To be honest, I point at things I like, and Lyndsay makes it work in my space.

I love the cool, clean lines that incorporating metals brings, but I keep it feeling warm and cozy with soft textures and pops of color.

Or, so Lyndsay tells me I do 🙂

Personal Stuff

When not working, my husband Jacob and I love to cheer on our boys Kyler, Cash, and Cole at their sports games. I also love getting involved in our community!

Thoughts on The Other One

We shared a room even after our parents gave us our own rooms…enough said.

Except also that I wouldn’t trade my twin sister Lyndsay for the world!

Leslie Davis, real estate guide on Unsellable Houses on HGTV