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4 Books to Read for New Real Estate Agents

If you clicked on this link hoping to get a list of books specifically geared towards real estate agents, you’re in for a treat! These four books listed below have helped shape me as a business owner and have played a major role in how I have approached business over the last several years. I […]

4 Ways to Build Client Trust

The real estate industry in the PNW is highly competitive and saturated with talented agents. That doesn’t change as you look locally into Snohomish County where we conduct our business. Homeowners are now taking the initiative and interviewing multiple agents at a time to determine which will be the best fit for them and their […]

5 Mistakes New Agents Make and How to Avoid Them

In our 11 years in business as Lamb Real Estate, we have trained a considerable amount of new agents in the Snohomish County area and are frequently asked about “the do’s and the don’ts” as these agents attempt to jump-start their careers. What new agents often don’t realize is this career is not about selling […]