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Behind the Block: Rock the Block, Exterior Redemption

The Exterior Redemption

We’re baaaaaaaaack for another season of Rock the Block! And this time, there’s only one thing on our mind: REDEMPTION.

This time around, we’re looking to add the most value to a waterfront home in Treasure Island, Florida. Without a second thought, we knew that this home needed to undergo a huge transformation and stand out from our competitors, but also cater to the Treasure Island community–and that’s how we landed on the “tropical retreat” theme.  

This week, we focused on all things exterior. You may remember that we had to partner with Brain and Sarah on the look of the front exterior and driveway. We really wanted to extend the tropical retreat vibes around the entire home, from the front exterior all the way to the marina dock! This week, we had a major power move up our sleeves, pun intended, that will be an absolute game changer for future homeowners.

Leslie and Lyndsay’s installed a vertical garden as part of their balcony renovation, as seen on Rock the Block, season 5.

Our goal: to add major curb appeal to the front of the home, create beautiful inviting spaces to unwind and relax and add as much value as possible for our future buyers!

Now, let’s talk about our exterior transformation and design… *This blog post may contain affiliate links

The Exterior

The front of Lyndsay & Leslie’s Tropical Retreat, as seen on Rock The Block, Season 5.
Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, as seen on Rock the Block, Season 5.

We’re still screaming from the rooftops about our MAJOR #powermove on this week’s episode!

Thanks to our friends at Freedom Solar Power we were able to install:

+ 21 Solar Panels
+ 3 Backup batteries that can power the house for 72+ hours
+ An electric car charger

These were a HUGE value add and will give any future buyers the peace of mind of knowing they will be able to keep the lights on and the AC running if the power ever goes out!

Interested in adding Solar to your home? Visit to receive a free solar quote and $500 off your project!



The Balcony

Leslie and Lyndsay’s balcony after renovation, as seen on Rock the Block, season 5.
Leslie and Lyndsay’s installed a vertical garden as part of their balcony renovation, as seen on Rock the Block, season 5.

The Dock

Leslie and Lyndsay’s dock, as seen on Rock the Block, season 5.

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Lyndsay & Leslie

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