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Behind the Block: Rock the Block, Kitchen Redemption

Tropical Retreat: The Kitchen Redemption

We’re baaaaaaaaack for another season of Rock the Block! And this time, there’s only one thing on our mind: REDEMPTION.

This time around, we’re looking to add the most value to a waterfront home in Treasure Island, Florida. Without a second thought, we knew that this home needed to undergo a huge transformation and stand out from our competitors, but also cater to the Treasure Island community–and that’s how we landed on the “tropical retreat” theme.  

Our goal: create a space that radiates major vacation vibes, an oasis that seamlessly melds natural elements with modern comforts–think soothing neutral tones as the canvas, punctuated by bursts of vibrant colors, textures, and whimsical, maybe unexpected materials.

Now, let’s talk about our kitchen design. *This blog post may contain affiliate links

Key Design Elements

The Ceiling

We wanted to infuse extra coastal charm into the kitchen, and what better way to do that than with AHF Products Coastide Collection on the ceiling? (Duh)

Yes, you read that right–we really put engineered hardwood flooring on the ceiling…and the results were even better than we could have ever expected! 

The light hues of the white oak floors in Laguna, from the AHF Coastside Collection, paired beautifully with the floors and other kitchen materials, creating a cohesive and welcoming ambiance.  (This product is available at the Lamb & Co. Design Centercontact our design team to learn more)

Not only did this choice elevate the visual appeal of the space, but it also proved to be a practical one. Engineered hardwood is not only budget-friendly but also much easier to install compared to traditional wood (and our contractors really thanked us for that!) With engineered hardwood, there was no need for sanding, staining, or sealing, and its lightweight!

We actually loved using the floors on the ceiling so much that we actually decided to do an accent wall in the wine cellar with an eye-catching chevron design…

Temp-Controlled Wine Cellar

Walk-In Pantry

Shop the Design

Decor & Staging

Shop the full collection of staging and decor from Wayfair!

Decor & Staging

Shop the full collection of staging and decor from Wayfair!

Plants & Art

Artwork by Symbiotik Walls & plants by Living Roots Eco Living.

Plants & Art

Artwork by Symbiotik Walls & plants by Living Roots Eco Living.

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