Why is Home Staging so Important?

Hey everyone! I  hopped on the blog to answer one of the most common questions about the show: “Do you stage every home like that?” and the answer is YES! Did you know that says the average price of staging a home is about $7,500 if it sells in ONE day! Also staged homes sell on average 88% faster and for 20% more than non staged homes. So if you are a numbers person like me, then you already see the value, but here are some other things we achieve by staging:

Creating Emotion:

One of the first things we want to achieve by home staging is to create a feeling as soon as the buyer walks through the door. An empty home can feel cold, dull, and lifeless. In contrast, a properly staged home will breathe life, warmth, and comfort. Have you ever walked into someone’s house and immediately felt welcome and comfortable? That is the feeling we are trying to give with our home staging. 


Picture Yourself Living There: 

One of the hardest things we have to do with staging is to make someone feel at home in someone else’s home. This is why we HIGHLY recommend removing your personal items and photos from the house. We want to show the buyers what living in this home could look and feel like without feeling like they are intruding on someone else’s life. 

How to Use Awkward Spaces: 

Do you have a room or a hallway that feels weird? You end up using it for storage, or you have a random tree or something else there to take up that space, well staging shows potential buyers how to use awkward spaces! It could be a reading nook, a kid zone, or an art area. 


Show Off The Value: 

One of my favorite examples of this came from one of our Agents, Ericka; Ericka had taken multiple clients to see two identical apartments, which the listing agent staged differently. Both were two-bedroom apartments, but the selling brokerage staged one with both bedrooms as bedrooms. The other had one bedroom staged and the other, the selling brokerage, staged as an office. When both the units sold, it was fascinating to see that the unit that was staged as two bedrooms sold much higher than the list price, while the other apartment with an office stage sold under the list price. The thought behind this is that buyers could not envision an office as a bedroom and wanted a two-bedroom unit. Ericka’s buyer’s experience is just one example, but we see it happen constantly! 


How Lamb is Different: 

At Lamb & Co. Real Estate, we do it differently. We include home staging with every listing! Why? Because it is our job as Real Estate Agents to present your home in the best light. That means staging EVERY home and staging EVERY space so that you receive top dollar! 

So yes, we will continue to stage every home as if they were on an HGTV show! 


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Xo Les