Spring has come to Lamb & Co.

As the weather starts to warm up around here and the flowers are blooming, it reminds me how much I love spring and all that comes with it! I am sure you have heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” that statement could not be more accurate than here in the Pacific North West, but just because it can be a bit gloomy outside does not mean that we can’t add some spring items inside to bring some happiness! Here are a few of my favorite new arrivals from our Spring Collection! 

Stoneware Pitchers-

I LOVE these! I love these so much that I bought them for my house, gave them as a gift, and used them in a few of our “Special Projects.” They are so versatile. I have used them to serve drinks and have added flowers for a beautiful centerpiece. Each one of the pitchers has other matching items; some are bowls, mugs, and cups. Making these the perfect addition to your Spring table.

Stoneware Pitcher

Embossed Stoneware Pitcher

Textured Stoneware Pitcher

Cotton Bird Song Napkins-

I love cloth napkins. They are so much more luxurious, like I am out to a nice meal or staying in a hotel, so why wouldn’t I want that same feeling at home?!. Plus, I am all about being sustainable, and cloth napkins are great as you can use them repeatedly. The best part about these, though, is these napkins are ADORABLE. I don’t know a house that wouldn’t feel much more in the spring season with little birds on their Napkins. 

Bird Napkins

Stoneware Berry Baskets-

If you have been shopping at Lamb & Co for a while, you might have seen these before, but they are back this season by popular demand! I personally use my berry baskets to hold my soap at the side of my kitchen sink. I have also placed decorative items, added them to my three-tier tray, and put berries in them! I love how easy they are to clean, and the colors are perfect for a subtle pop in anyone’s kitchen.

Berry Basket

Cloudburst Pot/Vase-

You didn’t think I could make it through this list without having at least a little something for my plant babies?! That something today is this stunning vase/ pot. It comes in three colors, letting you decide how much color you want to add to the space. We all know that plants in water can get gross sometimes, and the water can get a little yucky. I hate having to wash out my vases each time. Well, these are even better because they are dishwasher-safe! No more having to touch yucky water. Just stick it into your dishwasher, and you are good to go! Bonus points if you wash your hinzas at the same time!


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XO Lynds