Back on the Block! Rock the Block Judging

Wow! We can not believe we are back on the Block! We had so much fun on the show last season that when they asked us to come and guest judge, we knew we had to say yes! 

If you want a complete breakdown of our experience of rock the block, we did a season recap you can find HERE. 

But for a slight refresher, we won the Main Suite when we were on Rock the Block. Here are some of the significant transformations we did:

  1. Added French doors to the room, giving the buyer another chance to enjoy indoor and outdoor living.

  2. Added LVP Flooring. To add warmth and for their durability.

  3. Created a Custom Closet. We had our friends from Closet Creation install a one-of-a-kind custom closet to give the home the luxury and practical feel we were looking for! 

  4. Added Space. We pushed the closet wall onto the back patio, giving the closet an additional 50 sqft! A HUGE difference. Literally. 

  5. Added Washer and Dryer to the closet. 

  6. Installed a wet room into the Main Bathroom

  7. Went bold on design and wallpaper

And here are a few of our photos: 

Back on the Block: 

Coming into judging, we had a few things that we wanted to see; we wanted to be able to see that the contestants added value to the space, Leslie was looking for her “to die for closet,” and I really wanted to see how the contestants were able to bring in the elements of the rocky mountains into their space. 

Bryan & Sarah 

Upon entering their Main Suite, we thought we had entered a spa. It was beyond gorgeous, so much so that we questioned if we should take our shoes off. It was so beautiful. The wet bar was a cherry on top, and the closet felt appropriate for the neighborhood and so useable. 


Pine Bench

Marble Shower

Washer/ Dryer in the Main Closet

Wet Bar

Outside Door


Bathroom Layout

Opposing Vanities


Jon & Kristina

You walked in and felt like you had welcomed the Rocky Mountains into your home, but in the best way possible. You were drawn into the main area, and the green was stunning. The washroom really elevated the space.




Natural Stone Bathroom Floors

Waterfall Countertops

Green Tiles

Laundry Room


Light fixture

Bathroom Windows

Open Shelving


Page & Mitch

Most people only have a few features, but this Main Suite area checks off everyone that could be listed. The fireplace next to the tub was top-tier. Then the feature wall in the bedroom was just breathtaking. Then the secret door set this room over the top!


Feature Wall

Bathroom Fireplace



Secret Door

Clothes Steamer


White Walls

Closet Layout


Michel & Anthony

The design choices for this space were incredible! The porcelain being brought up the walls from the floor gave the room such a luxurious feel. The closet, with the storage and wallpaper, made for the perfect balance of style and functionality. Then in the Main Bedroom, the ombre walls and saddle blankets added so much to the space, but the piece of resistance, the wrap-around porch. STUNNING. It was a great value add, and we know that future buyers will love seeing the incredible view every morning. 


Porcelain Floors

Porcelain Walls



Ombre Walls

Wrap-around Deck



No closet doors

Ultimately, we had to go with Michel and Anthony for the win! We wish all contestants good luck on the upcoming episodes, and we can not wait to see the rest of the houses!  



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