Spring Items

Happy Groundhogs Day! I have heard that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, which means six more weeks of winter, but I think that means six more weeks to get my Spring Décor ready! 

Pop of Color

When looking for Spring Décor, I try to find items that fit my current home décor and color pallet. However, it is the perfect excuse to bring pops of color in the spring.


Terra-cotta Wall Planter

These unique planters come in 4 colors and are one of my favorite items to use in Unsellable Houses; and have become a favorite in my own home as well. These planters are perfect because they not only bring a pop of color but also add texture and dimension to any wall. Not to mention, they are the ideal location for one of our air plants. (You can find our air plants Here.


Spring is also the perfect time to bring in some stone elements. Terra-cotta and stone do a great job of bringing in texture, but they also have such an earthy, natural feel that is hard to deny feels, like springtime. 

Hand Painted Stoneware Bowl with Scallop Design

If you are like me, you probably have an all-white dish set that you are still getting ready to replace, but this season I decided to add some items to make my old dish set feel new. The scallop design on these bowls is gorgeous, and they have that perfect cereal and soup bowl shape- if you know, you know. 



Would it be springtime if we didn’t have plants?! I know that taking care of plants might not be for everyone, and as much as I LOVE my plant babies, I think having a few good faux plants around is essential! Here are a few of my favorites that look real!


Potted Aloe

Potted Sansevieria

This is only a short list of all of my favorite Spring items, and be sure to follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest to keep up to date on all things Lamb + Co, and check out our online shop to browse more spring essentials!

Xo Lynds