How to keep a Cohesive Home throughout the Seasons

We are through the holidays and spring is right around the corner meaning that is the perfect time for some spring cleaning!

One of the things I think is so important when you are looking to add to your  home decor is keeping a cohesive home throughout the seasons! That does not mean that your home always has to look the same, but it can be challenging to switch between seasons if your home decor does not fit together. Here are some tips for making sure you have a cohesive transition. 


Know the style of your House- 

I mean by this is to know the style of home you currently have or are trying to create. Is your home farmhouse or industrial? What about coastal, or is it a true transitional home? Once you know the style of house you have, you can more easily buy products that will complement your home style. For example, if your home is Industrial, you should purchase accent pieces that complement that style, like rod iron, raw wood, and metal pieces. One of the hardest things to recognize when shopping is that just because you love an item does not mean it belongs in your home. 


Color Code your House- 

Now, we all know that I LOVE color! I am all about bold colors, and I think 2023 is the year that color is coming back! However, one of the fastest ways to make your home feel incohesive is by adding colors incorrectly. Just like you need to figure out the style of your home, you also need to find the accent colors of your home. I am not saying that you can only use blue, or only green, or only blue and green, but you need to make sure that the colors in your home complement each other. I recommend finding a color pallet that you love and sticking to that. Exploring the color pallet that best fits your home opens the door to more color combinations rather than less. Just as before, you will try only to purchase items that fit into your home’s color pallet. The colors can change throughout the seasons, but they should all be on the same color pallet.  Once you are ready to purchase items, ask yourself if the item is cohesive or noncohesive to that pallet. If it fits, then great! If it doesn’t, you might want to pass on that item. 


Know the blank slate of your home- 

My last tip for this is knowing what you like your home to look like without any holiday decor. So often, we focus on adding to our homes, but we need to make sure that our home at a base is a place we love. Even if you love all of your accent pieces, they will not look good if you hate your wall color, couches, or large furniture items. Having an excellent cohesive base is fundamental in making sure your home looks good year-round. Otherwise, it is much like adding lipstick to a pig. What I like to do at the end of winter, after putting away all of my holiday decor, is leave my home as a blank slate for a week or two and see if I still love everything in it or if any furniture pieces feel off. If I find something that I would like to replace, I make sure to purchase a new one before buying any more accents or decorations for the next season and year.

Hopefully, these tips will help you as we head into the Spring cleaning and reset season! 

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