2023 Recap!

Wow, what a year 2022 was for us. This past year we really pushed ourselves, and I want to reflect on some of our greatest accomplishments over the past 365 days (well, it was 365, but life happens, so this post is coming out a little late, but you know what I mean.) I keep thinking that we will slow down every year, but that is just not the case here at Lamb & Co; plus, I don’t believe Lyndsay, and I know the meaning of the word “slow.”

Rock the Block-

As seen on HGTV’s Rock the Block, host Ty Pennington and the design teams.

Okay, you caught me; most of the actual filming of the show was done in 2021, but the air date was in 2022, so I don’t think we could talk about this last year without giving it the attention it deserves. This experience was absolutely incredible. We are so thankful for the people we met along the way and still keep in touch with many other contestants. However, hearing how much you loved our designs brought this experience to the next level. This project was like a dream come true. We often fix homes that need repair, so working on a house we could plan almost every aspect of pushed us to our limits, and Lynds was like a kid in a candy shop with her endless ideas.

Hometown Kick Start-

If you follow Lyndsay’s and my stories, you will know that we love our hometown. So, when HGTV approached us to help a struggling small town, we jumped at the chance, and off we went to Winslow, AZ. While we were there, we were able to help the Garrett family renovate their kitchen and living room to accommodate not only their family but also the town baseball team. With the town’s famous Rootbeer Stand, Leann and Chris are finalizing it by adding tourist attractions for those who travel through the city. More than anything, though, the thing we brought back from this experience was the community that embraced us and reminded us how valuable community is.

Unsellable Houses-

Can you believe we have been at this for three seasons?! Season 3 was so special to us; coming off of Rock the Block and Hometown Kickstart, we felt more daring in our designs and more confident in our abilities, and you all could see that throughout the season. This season has held some of my favorite projects, people, designs, and some of the highest Unsellable total profits to split with our clients.

Here is just a quick recap of our favorites:

Favorite Kitchen:

Fancy Farm House S3 E5

Favorite DIY:

Colorfully Crafted S3 E8

Favorite Over All Design:

Million Dollar Design S3 E3

Lamb and Co. Renovations and Lamb and Co. Design-

SURPRISE! We opened TWO new businesses this year! Our clients have been asking, and we delivered. Lamb Renovations and Lamb and Co Design. While both companies right now are dedicated to working with our Lamb clients, we hope to soon expand their services to help everyone! Oh, we are also working on opening a Design Studio soon…. More details to come.

Children’s Hospital-

Children’s Hospital is one of the causes closest to our hearts. This year we made a huge goal of raising $40,000. One of the most significant ways we achieved this is by putting on an event called “Thursday Night Lights,” where we teamed up with our local High School and other local businesses to host a huge tailgate party. We were so happy to discover that we could achieve and surpass our goal!

Of course, these do not cover all the fantastic things that happened in 2022, but we just wanted to name a few! We hope you all have had an incredible start to the season, and we can not wait to share more of what we have going for 2023! 

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