Fallin’ for Fall Décor

Even if the leaves haven’t started to change, and the weather is still warm, the boys have started football practice, so in my mind, it’s Fall! Fall is by far my favorite season. I know, very basic of me, but the cozy sweaters, the boots, the chill in the air! How could you not be excited for this season?! 

Of course, I can’t help but get my home ready for this new season! Luckily, I do not put up too many summer decorations, but the ones that I do, I remove completely from the space. Now, I personally do my home in stages. Here are some stages that have really helped me transition into this season. 


But first, a tip:

You Don’t Have to do it all at once


Now this is one of the most common misconceptions that I see, and I am not sure if it is because people think it is easier to just put up everything at once, but for me personally, I have always done stages and it really lets me enjoy every part of the season! 


Round One (Start of September)

The first thing that I do is replace all of my throw blankets, sheets, and other linens around the house. For summer I try to have as light of weight material as possible, and often in brighter colors, but for fall I bring out all of the textures to make my home as warm and inviting as possible. My favorite textures to work with this season are wools, knits, faux fur, and flannel. However, depending on the style of home you have, you might also be interested in velvet, burlap, or leather. I suggest a combination of different textures as that is going to create the greatest depth in the space. For example, I do a heavy knit throw, and pair it with wool and knit throw pillows on my couch, and try to add textures to the other areas of my home as well. 


Next I add in my earthy colors. Out of the color palette that you have selected for your home, this is the time to utilize the deeper greens, burnt colors, really, just any color that might be on a pumpkin or on the leaves. 

The last thing I do for my first round of décor is add in natural elements. This does not mean pumpkins, we don’t even have pumpkins at our grocery stores, but I love to add wheat, wood, and mums to bring a fall feel without going too extreme. 


Second round (September 15)


The second round of my Fall décor typically happens in late to mid September. This is my FAVORITE round of my fall décor!

First, add pumpkins everywhere! Pumpkins are finally in season so I add them all over my home! I have found that if the pumpkin is not carved it can last inside until at least the end of October, so it works perfectly! My favorite indoor space to add pumpkins are on my two tier tray, if you don’t have one already, I have linked the one I have here.

The next step to making your home really feel like fall is to make it smell like it! There are amazing ways to do this, but I think the easiest is to have delicious smelling candles around the home. We team up with a local supplier for our candles and they are a soy wax base. Soy lets the candles burn longer, and cleaner! My personal favorite right now is Sweet Bourbon. If you are looking for another way to make your home smell incredible I also highly recommend doing a stove or crockpot potpourri! I never have a recipe when I make mine, but I typically add in cinnamon sticks, cloves, apples, oranges, vanilla extract, and whatever else I have around the kitchen that reminds me of fall.

The last step of this round of décor is to decorate my front porch! I love decorating the outside of my home, and I used to do it multiple times a season, but I have calmed down. When I decorate my front porch I try to keep a few things in mind, 1. I want everything I am putting up to last and 2. It needs to be low maintenance because I don’t have as much time as I used to. If you are looking for more tips and tricks on how to decorate your front porch for fall check out my blog I did last fall here!


Round 3 (October 1st)

This is going to be my last transition to fall, and I do this right around the start of October, maybe even the second week, but never before, because this is when I put up my Halloween decorations! I am going to do a post on Halloween décor in the near future, but I just wanted to let you know that this would be the point that I start to put up anything that has to do with Halloween. 


I hope my steps to transition to Fall are helpful and that you have a great time enjoying this cozy season!


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Xo Lynds