Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Happy Father’s Day to all of those amazing dads out there! At Lamb & Co, we are lucky to have three amazing dads on staff, including Justin, my husband. So, we decided to ask them what products they would genuinely be excited to receive from our storefront. Here is our (their!) Lamb & Co. Father’s Day Gift Guide, selected by dads and written by a mom.


Lamb&Co Baseball Cap

My favorite part about this choice is that all three of the dads picked this product, and they already own one! They said,” What’s the harm in a backup?” and I don’t know if I have ever heard more of a “dad” statement. But really, these hats are fabulous! They are a classic baseball cap style, are super easy to adjust, fit just about everyone, and are so comfortable! Plus, I don’t think a single dad out there isn’t looking to expand their hat collection! 


dBhodi Wall Box Shelves 

Okay… I know. These show up on every gift guide, but these are just so good, and apparently, the Lamb dads agree! They are made out of recycled teak wood and rod iron, creating the perfect combination of masculine and earthy! According to Justin, they are straightforward to set up!


Metal Framed Mirror

This one surprised me, but this mirror is fantastic! Again, I think it is such a great and easy addition to so many spaces! This mirror is super versatile, and the contemporary style paired with the metal frame & chain is the perfect masculine touch. 

I’m a believer that wall art is one of the most underrated and overlooked decor pieces when it comes to designing your home. You might be surprised by how simply adding a mirror can elevate just about any area in your home. Mirrors are also an easy way to amplify natural light and trick the eye into thinking a space is larger than it actually is!  


Canvas Book Storage Boxes

I knew that these were going to be on the list because I think every man loves the idea of having a secret room and hideaways in their house. When I tell you these canvas book storage boxes look like real books, I mean it! They are beautiful and have just the right amount of worn feel. They would make an excellent spot to hold keys, remotes, or other odds and ends that you need within an arm’s reach but you don’t want to have on full display. 

There you have it! A fathers day gift guide selected by dads, for dads, and written by a mom. 

We hope you all have an extra special fathers day loving on the dads in your life and letting them know just how much you care! 


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