Unsellable Houses

Builder Drab to Coastal Fab

When Jeff reaches out to us for help selling one of his friend’s houses, you know we have to answer! Bob is a teacher in the area and has taught all of Jeff’s kids, but recently, with his wife, decided that it is time to pack up and move over to the Idaho area. 

Location and Inspiration: 

We are back in Snohomish this week but in a new neighborhood, The Falls. Growing up, The Falls was a very affluent neighborhood, where the “cool kids” lived in massive homes. Now, fast forward a few years, the community still has large stunning homes, but unless they have been updated, they still have the 90s feel, which can be a buy sore for potential buyers. This house was no different; the family had not touched the home, so it had the original peach sponge paint, blue carpeting, and laminate flooring. I wanted this home to feel fresh, updated, and have a hint of the PNW with natural elements, so I decided to go with Pacific Coastal for the design. Now, Pacific Coastal is different from your typical coastal style. I am drawing inspiration from our Washington beaches with darker natural wood, rocks, and deep greens rather than the usual tan and turquoise blue. 

Key Updates: 


Don’t get me wrong, the entire home needed to be updated, but most of the kitchen didn’t even feel functional! You couldn’t even open the fridge without hitting the pantry wall and completely blocking the entrance to the dining room. We removed a few non-load-bearing walls to update this space and re-configured the kitchen layout, adding an extended peninsula. For the backsplash, I went with the Pacific Coastal theme and chose a beautiful dark marble that reminded me of the stones on our own Washington beaches. When working on a home that is at a higher price point, like this one, it is essential to choose materials that reflect that price point. 

Main Bathroom-

Now, when buyers shop close to the million-dollar range, they are looking for an oasis for themselves! The bathroom that was currently in the home was not doing it. The house already had a large vanity and shower space, but I designed a wetroom to make the bathroom into the retreat buyers are looking for. You might remember the wetroom from Rock the Block; this was just another version! A wet room is what it sounds like, a space that keeps all the wetness in with your tub and shower. We have seen a massive surge of popularity in this design lately, and it is one of those trends to keep an eye out for in the coming years! 


I really could not believe how large this house was! The downstairs was truly an apartment and would be the perfect space for multigenerational living or potential investment opportunities. However, we needed to be smart with our budget, and designing a new kitchen downstairs did not make sense. Instead, we kept the original cabinets, adding a new backsplash and quartz countertops.

Murphy Door-

 We also knew that we wanted to do something special with the room that was off of the kitchen. It was an office, but we have always wanted to do a hidden room, and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity! So, we reached out to our friends at Closet Creations, and they made it happen for us! If you are interested in adding a murphy door or custom closet system to your home, be sure to use code TWINWIN for 10% off your purchase! 


When we go to renovate homes we almost always go with LVP because of its strength and durability! For this home here are our flooring details: 

Website: featherlodge.info

Instagram: featherlodgebrands

Brand: Feather Lodge Brands

Flooring Collection: AquaLogic Ultra


How incredible was the artist from this week! We were lucky enough to work with Liv Sellinger and if you are interested in learning more about her work you can check out her website here or follow her on Instagram 

Shop this Look:

Mango wood candle holders

Marble pinch bowl set w/ tray + spoon

Medium cement orb

White pitcher

Dark green votive holder

Small gold bowls (3)

Emerald tea light holder

Soft hanging succulent

Aeoumin pick

Blue ramekins

Mixing bowl set (3)

Air grass

Black iron candlestick

Unique wood candle holder

Succulent in cement pot – big lead

Large black hinza

Potted aloe

Terracotta vase gray

Mango wood boxes (2)

Textured vase blush

Textured vase green

Textured vase gray

Ziggy salad servers

Mango wood ridged foot bowl

Echo shadow placemat

Scallop bowl

Scallop cup

Key Materials:

Did you know that we have the products we used in this home liked in our amazing storefront?! You can find all of our favorites from this Episode Here!

House Paint- Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Living Room Accent Paint- Providence Blue by Benjamin Moore

Entry Wall Accent Paint- Mysterious by Benjamin Moore

Upstairs Kitchen Backsplash

Main Bath Flooring

Shower Surround

Shower Pan

Downstairs Kitchen Backsplash

Final Results:

The Numbers: 


Unsellable Price- $800,000

New List Price- $975,000

Offer- $1,400,000

Final Profit After Spilt- $250,000

Coming up Next Week: 

“A couple entrusts Lyndsay and Leslie with renovating their hugely outdated kitchen and 1990s-era bathroom that features a heart-shaped tub. The twins modernize the farmhouse by using organic upgrades that build off its existing style and secluded charm.”


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