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Purchase your tickets for the Princess & The Frog Family Ball here!

Twins Win in Winslow

Standin’ on the corner in Winslow, Arizona!

Sorry, we couldn’t start this blog without recognizing this famous song by the Eagles. When we signed up to do Home Town Kickstart and found out that we would be going to Winslow, this was the only information we knew about the town, but we were quick to find out that Winslow is so much more than just a song. 


Being from a small town, we were so excited to get this opportunity. We love the sense of community and home that small towns across the nation bring, and Winslow was no different. 


Garrett Home

As seen on HGTV’s Home Town Kickstart, hosts Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb work on the install of the Tech island special project with contractor Bryan Eberson at Chris & Mishayla Garrett’s house in Winslow, AZ. (Working Day)

Two people who have impacted this community were Chris and Mishayla Garrett. Chis is a local special education teacher and a baseball coach, and he and his wife have become youth mentors in the area. They open their home to so many of the town youth, and it is a place where the teens can learn life skills and help with their homework and just a place to come together. 


A single mom raised us, so having people like Chris and Mishayla helped shape us into who we are now. So, this couple struck a chord in our hearts. 


In redoing their home, we went with a Modern Country Cottage. We wanted their home to feel just as welcoming as they both were. In the kitchen, we added mosaic tile flooring and floating shelves to make the space feel more modern, replaced all of the countertops with quartz, and added an island. 


In addition, we knew how important it was to this family to gather around a table together, so we made a few adjustments and created a space where seven people could gather around the table to have a meal together. 


In the living room, we added some custom storage with a pegboard so that it was able to grow to the family’s needs. We gave the space a sprucing up to reflect light into the home like the light that this family sends out into the community. 


One of the most memorable elements of this transformation was how involved the teens wanted to be! You could tell that Chris and Mishayla have impacted these kids’ lives, and in return, the baseball team came together to paint the home’s exterior! 


Overall, we could not be happier with how the home turned out! We know that this is not just a place to be enjoyed by one family but will impact the lives of so many! 


The Root Beer Stand

A local staple, this nostalgic restaurant has been around for the last 64 years, serving some of the best chili fries and homemade root beer we have ever tasted! About two years ago, LeAnn and her husband Chris decided to purchase the stand and have had a dream of making it into a spot for not only local but a tourist destination as well! But keeping a business going has been a lot of work, and we could not wait to come in and help this fantastic couple turn this nostalgic restaurant into an Arizona staple. 


When we first arrived at the restaurant, we could see that it needed a lot of love. The awning outside had begun to fall, the tile indoors was outdated, and to be honest, we did not see any curb appeal when we first arrived. 


Keeping these things in mind, we set to work on updating this space! We went with a retro diner vibe! 


First thing first, we needed to address the structural integrity of the awning outside. We replaced the entire thing as well as fixed the concrete slab. Inside, we replaced the old ceiling tiles with new materials that could be cleaned! A definite #twinwin for style and functionality. 


Inside we also got rid of the outdated tile, replacing the floors with a beautiful LVP. We love using LVP because it keeps the warmth in a space but does not lose durability! 


If you want to add LVP to your own home, the LVP for this project is listed below. 

Product Info

Brand: Homestead Flooring

Flooring Collection: JetCore XL

Flooring Specifications: 7.72” x 48” x 7.0MM

Color Used: JetCore XL – Aged Hickory

  • This color is also available in: AquaLogic Ultra (6.5MM) – Weathered Oak


In addition, we knew we had to bring some color to the space! Before, it just resembled a white box, but by adding a beautiful retro turquoise blue and burnt orange, the building started to feel like a modern but retro diner! 


Seeing LeAnn and Chris walk through their new business was so beyond rewarding! 


Art Installation

As seen on HGTV’s Home Town Kickstart, hosts Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb discuss inspiration for the Art Cars with Winslow Arts Council Chair Monique Chavez and Vice-Chair Lisa Sahmie at the Winslow High School shop in Winslow, AZ. (Working Day)

When you meet the people from Winslow, you learn just how diverse their culture is. They have two Native tribes that reside in the town, including the Navajo and the Hopi. The cultures of these two different tribes have shaped the artwork and the city in Winslow. When we first arrived, there was a lot of Navajo art around town, but the art counsel wanted to see how they could incorporate more of the Hopi artwork. 


The idea was to take non-working vintage cars and place them around town as another attraction to the city besides just the corner. The vehicles would be painted to enjoy during the day, and at night, there would be a light shining from inside through cut metal windows to create almost a night light effect! 


The first car was inspired by Hopi pottery, and it was even more remarkable that tribe members were able to work on it, which showed off part of their culture to the rest of the community. 


Of course, we could not turn down bringing a VW to any project, and sponsoring the second car was incredible! For this car, we decided to give it a theme that represented the beautiful landscape that surrounds Winslow, and we would not have been able to do it without the local high school agricultural teacher and the rest of the community! 


The result turned out amazing, and we know this is something that is going to take off! 

This entire experience was incredible, and we are still so thankful to the people of Winslow for opening up their community to us! We will never forget the time we spent there, and getting to add in this special project was just what our hearts needed! 

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Lynds and Les