Spring to Summer

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner?! We are so excited for kids to be out of school, beach days, hiking, bonfires, and all the heat that summer brings! In the Pacific Northwest, this is one of the best times of the year, and the views of the mountains and ocean are breathtaking!


 Still, on the off rainy or lazy day (we have been in a huge rainy spell here), I try to bring a little bit of the summertime indoors, and I love that I can get a jump on the season by starting to decorate my home a little earlier than the “exact” season. 


There are not too many things that I will change between spring and summer, but I look at spring decor as my blank slate. Spring is usually all of my light colors and soft textures, and my spring cleaning makes my home feel so fresh! Because I love this blank slate, I add a few things, and then, boom! My house is summer-ready! It’s probably the only season I can transition to in less than a day, and I love that! 


Fresh Flowers

We added all of the greenery for spring, and for summer, I went ahead and softened the texture and tried to bring in fresh-cut blooms. Doing this brings in a soft surface, making your home smell beautiful! Snohomish has an excellent farmers market every Thursday. They sell bouquets in different sizes and varieties. I highly suggest getting flowers from your local farmers market, because not only are you supporting local, but flowers cut this fresh just last so much longer! 



Now, what could be more summer than a glass of Lemonade? Now, I know you can enjoy this drink all year long, but it tastes better in the summer. I don’t make the rules. That’s just the way it is. However, lemonade decor all over the home can be a bit cheesy, and it is tough to do well. Instead, I suggest adding lemons and other citrus items to areas like your kitchen and entryway to create a fresh lemonade feel. My favorite ways to see this done are, adding lemons to the kitchen table garland, adding an extra fruit bowl full of lemons near the kitchen sink, and even adding lemons to the wreath hanging on your door! 


Bold colors

I have been saying this all along, but 2022 is the year of bold colors, and summer is the perfect time to incorporate bold, bright colors into your home… Now I know this is a little extreme, but I love the idea of painting the front door to go with the season! It is a reasonably inexpensive change that will significantly impact the way your home feels. If you have ever wanted an excuse to paint your bright door pink, bold blue, or seafoam green, summer is the time to do it! Then when fall comes around, you can always change the door color again! Just make sure you are properly preparing your door before painting each time. If painting your door is too much for you, I suggest adding some bright artwork to the home to make it feel like a brand new space! Even better yet, do both! Your home is your place to express yourself, and there is no need to shy away from color! 

Update your outdoor space

Updating my patio might be my favorite part of all, but summer is the time that I finally get my back patio things set up! Now, I have them out all year long, but in summer, I make sure that they no longer feel like just a couch outside but that the space is like an extension of our home! I add baskets of blankets, candles, and a cooler full of drinks! If you are from a different area and can experience your backyard patio all year long, be thankful! Many of us in the PNW only get it for a short time, but we will soak up every second that we can! 


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