Purchase your tickets for the Princess & The Frog Family Ball here!
Purchase your tickets for the Princess & The Frog Family Ball here!

Mothers Day Gift Guide!


If your kids or husbands are looking for a little bit of inspiration for what to get a mom for Mother’s Day, here is a gift guide by Moms for Moms. Gifts that we would be genuinely excited to receive on Mother’s day!


dBodhi Wall Box Shelves 

“The D-Bodhi Collection features recycled teak wood that is sourced in Indonesia from old support beams and outer panels of old houses, barns, and other structures to give each piece a unique character. Look on-site for specific wine shelves.”


I love these wall shelves! I love that they can be used all over the home and can be used to display photos, nicknacks, or even used as bedside tables or couch end tables! They are beyond versatile, and they look incredible with various home decors! 


Macrame Wall Hanging with Pocket

“As seen on Unsellable Houses. These macrame wall pockets add a perfect blend of bohemian chic to any room.


Now, we all know how much Lyndsay and I love our plant babies, and finding new and inventive ways to display them all over the home is one of my favorite things! These macrame wall hangings add a hint of soft texture to a space.


San Pedro Pillow

“Each pillow is unique, has a handwoven textile, and is a one-of-a-kind piece. Handwoven on a handloom and manufactured in India to perfection.

*Pillow insert is included. “


I heard once that throw pillows are the adult stuffed animals, and ever since then. I cannot get that out of my head because it’s so true! I loved stuffed animals growing up, and I love throw pillows now! They can make a space look so finished and welcoming, and these are so high quality! I really can not recommend them more! I use them in our own home, staging, and Unsellables, and even took them to Rock the Block! 


Lamb & Co Earrings

“These beautiful clay earrings are a perfect representation of Lamb & Co!!

They are incredibly light and easy to wear all day long!

Several styles to choose from.”


I love love love these earrings! The description says that they are lightweight and you can have them in all day! They are not just beautiful, but they never make your ears hurt! Not to mention that these earrings are handmade by a small business owner, and when we can support small businesses, we always will! 


Straw Planter with Jute Hanger & Tassel 


“Add a bohemian vibe to any corner of your home by hanging this beautiful straw planter plant hanger!”

Okay… I know I already included a plant Hanger on here, BUT Mother’s day is the perfect time to be gifting plants and plant hangers! It is right in the middle of Spring, and bringing live plants into the home can make the whole area feel so alive and welcoming! 

There you have it! My top gift suggestions for Moms by a Mom! 


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