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This week on Unsellable Houses, we were so happy to work with Tammy, her daughter, and her granddaughter in selling their 1960’s rambler! Tammy’s mother and father built the home over 50 years ago, and it has been in the family ever since, but Tammy’s love of the ocean has made her ready to say goodbye to this family home and settle on the water. 


Location and Inspiration: 

We are back in Everett this week but in a different neighborhood! Everett is about 10 minutes from our office in Snohomish. Tammy’s home was centrally located near shopping, restaurants, and parks and had easy access to nearby freeways. These facts, coupled with being a rambler, let me know that we were most likely looking at two very different types of home buyers; they would most likely be first-time homebuyers or more mature buyers looking to downsize. With both buyers in mind, I had to come up with a style that would compliment each. I landed on Cottagecore. Imagine your entire home filled with daisies, a vintage feel of materials, furniture, and decor. It’s the feeling of sitting by the fire and sipping tea, scones, and homemade jam—almost a storybook aesthetic. 


Key Updates:


Curb Appeal: $18,000

Open KItchen: $19,000

Repurpose Addition: $5,000

New En Suite: $8,000

Total Renovation: $50,000


Curb Appeal- 

When you arrived at the home, it was evident that it needed some love. Multiple projects had been started but still needed to be finished. The roof needed to be replaced, and the yard was overgrown without many colors. To begin, we replaced the roof. NOTE: Home buyers are much more likely to purchase a home with a new roof. We then fixed and finished the siding on the house and painted the home a gorgeous deep blue/ gray color. Lastly, we cleaned up the landscaping in the yard, added a cedar fence, and added cedar flower boxes for a pop of color. 



The kitchen needed a complete overhaul! While Tammy did as many projects as she could, it was a ton of work. To go along with our Cottagecore aesthetic, we replaced all of the cabinets in a new open floor plan with a deep wood, added brick herringbone tile flooring, and Leslie built me a beautiful dish rack from a vintage find! 



Now, Tammy’s home was different from many homes because her family had lived in the home for so many years; they did work that benefited their family rather than looking at it for potential buyers. When they initially added on the bonus space, they used it as a living room, but as time passed, they put in a partial wall, which became Tammy’s bedroom. However, for the type of buyers we wanted to attract, we assumed they would be looking for more living space than an extra bedroom, so we took down the partial wall and turned it into an entertainment space with a guest bathroom. 


New Ensuite- 

Because we did take away one bedroom with an ensuite, it was essential to replace this in a different space in the home. We figured the best way to do this was by redirecting the hall bathroom from a door in the hallway to an entry from the bedroom. Because of this change, we adjusted the bathroom layout and put in a custom walk-in shower. In addition, because we were able to adjust the bathroom, we could move the washer and dryer from the outdoor space into the hall closet! 


Featured Finds:

Mango Wood Candle Holders

Hanging Succulent 

Macrame Plant Hanger

Hanging Brass + Glass Photo Frame

Metal Pot w/ Pleated Saucer

Green Textured Vase

Canvas Books w/ Storage 

Bone Frame



This week we were lucky enough to work with Han & Sam Slaby of Ink Inc. Art Prints! If you are interested in more of their work, you can find their Etsy Here! 


Key Materials: 

Did you know that we have the products we used in this home liked in our amazing storefront?! You can find all of our favorites from this Episode Here!



When we go to renovate homes we almost always go with LVP because of its strength and durability! For this home here are our flooring details: 

Website: featherlodge.info

Instagram: featherlodgebrands

Brand: Feather Lodge Brands

Flooring Collection: AquaLogic Ultra

Final Results: 

The Numbers: 


Unsellable Price: $420,000

New List Price: $550,000

Offer: $615,000

Final Profit After Spilt: $72,500

Coming Next Week: 

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