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Rock The Block: Exterior Showdown

As seen on HGTV’s Rock the Block, host Ty Pennington and the design teams.

Can you believe that next week is the Rock the Block finale? Phew, what a journey this has been – we can’t believe it’s almost coming to an end! This week, we took on the home’s exterior! One of my personal favorite places in a home. 


You might remember us talking a little bit about the exterior during week one (#thatsmybrick), but now we are moving full speed ahead! Not only did we need to get the siding finished, but we also needed to come up with a concept and design for the landscaping and outdoor living spaces in the front and backyard.

Rock the Block season 3 teams react to receiving the exterior materials for their homes.

Outdoor living is what we do, and it’s who we are, so it was extra important that the exterior of our house stood out this week to the judges.


As agents, we know from experience that curb appeal plays a huge factor in getting buyers to fall in love with a house. We probably sound like broken records on Unsellable Houses, but it’s true! CURB APPEAL IS SO IMPORTANT. It’s shocking how many buyers would consider leaving a property before stepping foot inside because the home’s exterior doesn’t grab their attention. 


Home Exterior

You guys saw the convoy of brick trucks coming in week one! The garage needed some texture and color to stand out, so we decided to use a dark, tumbled brick to bring rich tones and a southern feel without overdoing it. 


To complement the brick, we sided with shakes and a little board and batten for even more dimension on the main home.

As seen on HGTV’s Rock the Block, team Lyndsay and Leslie.


Rainbow Row is one of the most photographed and visited places in South Carolina! Inspired by this iconic row of pastel-colored homes, we decided to incorporate color by using light blue and a darker complementary blue in our design.


Since most of the outdoor living would be in the backyard, I didn’t want too much of our budget spent on the front yard. But we still wanted to make sure the front felt fresh and inviting! 

By not adding french doors during the living room challenge, we had space on our front porch to add comfy swings (for sipping sweet tea!) and decorated the landscaping with minimal plants.



Our biggest inspiration for this space was to go “yard to table”. If that’s not us bringing the Pacific North West to South Carolina, I don’t know what is.  



When it came time to create a backyard living experience, we remembered the advice we were given at the beginning of the show: people in the South love to entertain. We wanted our backyard to be a spot where you were able to entertain no matter if it was just your family, or you had the entire Rock the Block neighborhood over. 


Another thing we learned about the South is that they love their Oyster Roasts, and we wanted to incorporate this into our design. We did this by adding in an oyster/pizza oven. Ours was large enough to feed a crowd, but also easy enough to operate that you could use it for pizza night with the family! 

On the other side of the porch, we went ahead and added an outdoor kitchen equipped with a grill and beverage fridge to keep your drinks cool.  


To landscape, we wanted to use all native plants! This is not only to bring some natural greenery to the home, but it is great for the environment. To add a little extra privacy to the space we also added a fence to enclose the backyard. This also should attract a larger group of buyers. 


Vertical Garden/ Living Wall 

The project that encompassed going yard to table was our Vertical Garden/ Living wall. We were able to team up with the crew at Vertical Garden Supply to make a vertical garden where we were able to plant all edible greenery. Not only do these plants smell amazing, but the panthers take up zero yard space and act as more of an art feature to the walls so they truly are multi-purpose. Ours was also self-watering on a timer so it was super low maintenance. 


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As seen on HGTV’s Rock the Block, host Ty Pennington introduces the design challenge for episode five.

For the challenge this week, we were given an extra $1,000 to create a dog-friendly feature for the home. We decided that we wanted to do something dog-friendly and something that people could utilize too! So we landed on creating a wash area where you can not only spray off your dog but can also be used to spray your kids’ cleats off after practice.



End Results

We also want to congratulate the winners of this week’s episode Egypt and Mike! Also, thank you for having the perfect trees to TP! 

Behind the scenes on HGTV’s Rock the Block Season 3.

Don’t miss out on next week’s episode! It’s the much-anticipated finale, and I know you don’t want to miss it!


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