May Day Baskets!

Was I the only one who was behind the game on finding out about May Day baskets?

I honestly never knew that they were a thing until a few years ago, and now I am obsessed with them! I think it’s such a fun and easy tradition to share with your friends and families! 

First, we should probably talk a little bit about where the tradition started, and some of the legends that go along with it! It is the first time it is the halfway between spring and summer. For us in Washington, and I am sure in many different areas, May 1st is something that we all look forward to as the beginning of the good weather! So, it’s no surprise that this is a day to celebrate! 

May Day was also traditionally celebrated as the time when the fields would start to sprout! People would collect flowers, bring them into the home, create slower crowns, and select the villages May Day King and Queen. What a beautiful and wholesome tradition! 

Nowadays, many places have given up the May Day festivals, but there is no reason that we can not celebrate it now! 

The most popular way to celebrate (and the tradition we follow now) is to create a paper cone, and fill it with fresh cut flowers and candies! Then head over to loved ones and neighbors homes to drop it off! 

Such a fun and easy tradition to start with your family! 

If you drop off May Day Baskets this year we would love for you to tag us on instagram so we can see a whole community of people spreading the joy! 


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