Unsellable Houses

Family Fixer

Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3! We are back at it again with a #TWINWIN! Not only was this our first episode, but it holds a special spot in our hearts because we got to start the season by helping out some of the people we love most, our family! 


When Nana came to us letting us know that Jake and Brittney needed help selling their home we sprang into action!


 Fun Fact: We helped Jake and Brittney purchase this home 9 years ago so it felt like it came full circle when we also got to help them sell it! 

Location and Inspiration: 


The home is located in Monroe, a neighboring city to Snohomish that is known for its hiking, riverfronts, and other outdoor activities. To complement the type of buyer who is looking to move to Monroe I wanted to bring some of the outdoor elements inside while still keeping it elegant. This is where I came up with the theme of “Earthy Natural”. 


Also based on the size and layout of the home we also wanted to focus all of our design choices on first-time home buyers. First-time homebuyers are a lot of fun to design for because they are typically not scared of color and fresh designs. It also poses challenges as we need to keep our design costs low. 


Lamb Team Take: 

Let’s take a deeper dive into First Time Home Buyers with one of our Agents, and ironically another Kuna, Luke Kuna! 


“First-time home buyers are usually on the lookout for starter homes, typically either 2bed 1 bath or 3bed 1.5 bath homes and in more affordable price ranges. Unlike more experienced buyers, first timer’s may qualify for special assistance programs in which they only need to put down as little as 3% of the purchase price of the home. These programs allow those who have just started their careers to more easily become homeowners that can begin to build equity at a younger age.”


Key Updates: 

Upon arriving it was pretty evident that we needed to put a lot of love into the curb appeal of the home. It was overgrown with trees and the fence needed to be painted. 

Once getting inside we saw that we had our work cut out for us, but we love Jake and Brittney, and we were going to make it happen for them! 

First, we needed to handle the structure of the home. Jake and Brittney probably had the best of intentions to create the open floor plan, but the project might have been Kuna’ed a little bit.  We needed to make sure that their home was going to be structurally sound. 

After working on the structure of the home, the design elements came into play. We wanted to get rid of the stick-on backsplash and make the one bathroom into an oasis. 

We also wanted to try to boost our pool of prospective buyers. We asked Jeff to either A. build us another bathroom, or B. somehow find space for the space for a 3rd room. He went with B. and we could not be happier! 

Oh, and we got a working washer into the home that doesn’t need to go into the bathtub


Featured Finds: 


Pink Trailing succulent

Brass Candlesticks

Embossed Metal Square Picture Frames

Green Terracotta Vase

Yellow Terracotta Vase

Canvas Books with Storage


Kitchen/ Dining

Green Textured Vase

Scallop Bowl

Scallop Cup

Green Tealight Holder

Rattan Tray with Metal Handles

White Handle Salad Servers

Pink Trailing succulent

White Salad Plate

White Dinner Plate

Shadow Napkins

Potted Succulents



Macrame Plant Holder

Metal Frame Round Mirror on Chain

Green Textured Vases

Macrame Wall Hanging

Round Mango Tray with Brass handles

Succulent Pot

Blush Textured Vase

Gray Textured Vase



We were also able to work with an amazing artist Natasha Marie from Grand Image in the nursery! If you are interested in more of her work you can find her website here or her Instagram here!



Of course if we were going to use wallpaper we had to go with Hygge and West! For this home we used Bloom in Taupe you can get your own here


Key Materials: 

Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

Main Bath Vanity

Main Bath Faucet

Tub/ Shower Fixture

Main Bath 2 vanity lights

Living Room Light 

Dining Room Light 


You can see all of our amazing finds right here



When we go to renovate homes we almost always go with LVP because of its strength and durability! For this home here are our flooring details: 

Product Info:

Website: featherlodge.info

Instagram: featherlodgebrands

Brand: Feather Lodge Brands

Flooring Collection: AquaLogic Ultra

Flooring Specifications: 7.25” x 48” x 6.5MM

Colors Used: AquaLogic Ultra – Beech

Final Results: 



The Numbers:

Unsellable Price- $385,000

Renovation Cost- $60,000

New List Price- $485,000

Sold Price- $520,000

Final Profit After Split: $37,500 


What to Expect Next Week! 


Old Friends, New Upgrades

“A couple of high school sweethearts turn to their friends Lyndsay and Leslie to help sell their old tri-level home in a neighborhood of new builds. While the twins update the home with a warm minimalist style, Lyndsay makes plans with her own sweetheart.”

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