Holiday Gift Guide: Lyndsay + Leslie’s Favorites

Can you believe we are only six weeks away from Christmas?!

Snohomish has truly been turning into a winter wonderland. All of the stores along First Street have their Christmas displays in the window, and this weekend the community will walk the town and vote on what storefront window display they like the best! Obviously, we are hoping that we win, but there is some stiff competition out there! The festivities carry on through the rest of the town as houses will have begun to put up their magnificent Christmas light display, and of course, the happiest time of year is not complete without a Starbucks holiday drink in hand.

Even though Les and I are out of town right now shooting Rock the Block, I can’t wait to get home and start all of my Christmas preparations and enjoy the beautiful town we call home.

One of my favorite things to do during Christmas is to hunt down the perfect Christmas present for everyone on my list! I love finding that special item and watching my friends and family’s faces as they open their gifts. But let’s be honest, sometimes finding Christmas presents is hard.

So, I wanted to make it just a little easier for you by putting together a list of my and Leslie’s favorite Lamb & Co. products to help you Christmas shop this year!





12 of Lyndsay & Leslie’s Lamb & Co. Holiday Must-Haves

1. Wood Tray with Metal Stand, $50.00

You all know we love this Wood Tray with Metal Stand. I use it all year long! You might recognize this staple piece from a blog I wrote on my favorite way to transition this tray from Fall to Winter! This tray is amazing because it can be used for just about anything. I have staged this item in kitchens, dining rooms, coffee tables, and even bathrooms!


2. Hinza Tote Bag, Small $29.95 Large $39.95

Okay, have you noticed that this item comes up on every single one of our favorite time lists?! No matter what changes, the Hinza Tote will always be a favorite of ours. The Hinza is made from all recycled materials, making it stylish and good for the environment. Skip gift bags this year and use the Hinza as a base to create an incredible gift basket, or it’s perfect on its own! I personally have multiple, and I use them for anything from holding Remo’s dog toys, to a beach bag, to holding my groceries in the store. The best part is, you can easily disinfect the tote and use it again and again! 


3. Macrame Wall Hanging with Pocket, $40.00

We all know I am obsessed with my plant babies, and I can’t think of a more beautiful way to display them than this Macrame Wall Hanging with a pocket! It’s such a great piece that fits multiple styles of home from boho to farmhouse to retro and countless in between!


4. San Pedro Pillow, 3 Colors, $75.00

Have you ever had a pillow that changed your life? Well, these are mine! These San Pedro Pillows are handmade and are of the most amazing quality! Plus, they have the perfect density for the infamous karate chop.


5. Terrain Sandstone Mug, $12.00

Who doesn’t love a good mug? Now, when I say GOOD mug, I mean it. There are too many mugs out there that A.) don’t hold enough coffee, B.) have too small of a handle on them, or C.) don’t go with my kitchen decor. This Terrain Sandstone Mug, however, has none of those problems! I love the look of the sandstone, it’s a perfect size, and it fits in everyone’s hands perfectly! 


6. Mango Wood Two-Tier Tray with Handle, $70.00

Again, another product I wrote a blog about. You can find it here. The Three-Tier Tray needs to be a staple in everyone’s home, and if your friends don’t have one yet, I promise they will thank you for being the person who introduced them to this amazing product!


7. Mango Wood Salad Servers Style Ziggy, $30.00

I LOVE these. Honestly, I eat more salad because I have these Mango Wood Salad Servers. I know this might seem like a weird gift to get for someone, but I am always shocked by the number of people who do not have the proper utensils for serving a salad. Plus, if you need to have them anyway, they might as well be cute, and these definitely are.


8. Round Hand-Carved Mango Wood Tray with Metal Handles, $75.00

This is for all of my Unsellable Houses fans. If you have watched our show, been to the store, or toured one of our listings, you know that we love having a round serving tray, especially this Hand-Carved Mango Wood Tray! I love to set these up in my guest room with some wine glasses and a bottle of Red so my guests can relax after a full day of traveling! They also make a great addition to an ottoman for a hard surface.


9. Stoneware Plates with Floral Images, Black & White, Set of 4, $40.00

We couldn’t help it. We had to add these adorable Stoneware Plates! They are so pretty, they come in multiple patterns, and are of great quality! Everyone has to have plates, let’s not make them look boring.


10. Hexagon Mirror, $99.95

This Hexagon Mirror is incredible! I love the size and the endless possibilities you have with it. Geometric mirrors have been really in style lately and I am especially a sucker for a good wood tone! These look great on their own, or you can add them to a gallery wall. Nana recently got creative in the store and used one of these as a tray on a table — the possibilites are endless with this piece.


11. Stackable Measuring Cups, Set of 4, $25.00

I know what you are thinking, “Measuring cups as a present? Everyone already has measuring cups.” Yes, I know everyone already has them, but do they have ones that they really love?! Before getting this measuring cup set, I know I had about six different ones that didn’t match and were ones I had for years. Once I got these, I realized that all you need is one good set, and I even find myself more excited to measure things now!


12. Provence Bench, $300.00

Lastly, the Province Bench. Just look at it! It’s just so stunning! I love having this piece when you walk into a home to put on your shoes, at a breakfast nook, or the kitchen table! This is definitely one of those items that really makes a statement and is such a thoughtful gift that is not only beautiful but functional no matter the home.



Don’t forget to come back next week for a Gift Guide for Him and be sure to follow along the rest of the season as we welcome in Christmas! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.